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Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries.
Sermon Date: Wednesday, 19 November, 2014

@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.

It its mandatory for us to poses the power of God in our lives.
It has become a necessity that believer should acquire the power of God.
We believers need to plug our life into the socket of the divine power of God.
Why Do We Need the power of God =>
v The Goliath has risen against the Israel of our generation.
v The children of the bond woman had risen to capture our portion.
v Servants have taken over our horse of destiny and Christians are trekking.
v Believers are been sidelined in the business affairs of life.
v There is plenty of darkness in the society of today.
v We the believers need to challenge the kingdom of darkness.
v There is a lot of backsliding amongst the believers of today.
v We need to break every foundational Jericho of our destiny.
v We need to silence evil cry of family idols.
v We need to prove to the world that our God exist and He is the all-powerful.
v We need to provoke an overtaken, of this generation for Christ.

Our life must generate power

v We must not remain as foot mat for the enemy, due to lack of power
v We need to resist the move of the enemy to use our lives as an experiment test for their innovative weapons.

Pray this prayer as you read this; Say:
I receive the lower that will catapult where the enemy cannot touch me, in the name of Jesus

There are powers and there are powers, the real power is the spiritual power.
You can see so-called powerful wrestler and heavy weight champions that can take on anybody and defeat them. This same people are powerless without taking drugs.
They are been control by an inanimate object called drug. That power is not the genuine power.
The Real power is spiritual power
Power does not discriminate about the age of a person.
Real power is located in the spirit realm
Illustration story:
There was a girl was brought to the mountain of fire pastor for prayers. During interrogation the spirit of God made the little girl to confess. She sails she has swallowed the virtue of everybody in the family, both the born and unborn and there is no way they can do well in life.
The pastor has about her father; she said her father is a pastor in one of the powerless church. The Mfm pastor followed the girl home to see her father.
The father’s life is a showcase of poverty and he claims they have been praying seriously, but there was no result.
The MFM pastor right there at their presence started with some deliverance prayers for the girl and she began to manifest and fall down. Her father was embarrassed tell them to get up and that why will she need to fall.
Afterwards the father also wanted to pray for the girl, immediately the father laid his hands on the girl’s head, his hand got frozen. He had to plead that the mfm pastor to pray for him.
You will see here that the little girl was stronger than her father.
No wonder the psalmist said: Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children (Psalm 144:11).

Genesis 32: 1-11                                 King James Version (KJV)


In this passage, Jacob had planned to go back to his kindred and he was tired of being in another land as a foreigner. BUT, he had an Esau that was waiting for him.
Jacob had just had an encounter with God which gave Jacob the power with God.
Nowadays, People come to church, they hear the massages, prayers, testimonies and so on, but they don’t translate it to power.
We need to know the principle of pressure point.
Pressure point principle is that principle whereby God allows problems into people’s life that would add pressure which will eventually translate in to power for them
Every storm, attack of the enemy, problem, harassment on a person can be made to translate into power in the life of the person.
The way God works is to allow challenges to create problem in your life that will make us even stronger than we can ever imagine.
This is one of the ways to the powerhouse of God.

No matter how wonderful your skill is, No matter how bright your destiny is,
You will need to confront your Esau, before they manifest full.
In Jacob’s case, it was his long leg of cheating people. God dislocated that his leg, with
his finger. Throughout the days of Jacobs’s life after the encounter to his death he was limping, this is a result of the finger God put in the hollow of his leg.
For you to access the key into the powerhouse God had to lay you on the slaughter bed and you begin to let those Esau die.

You will need to deal with your Esau, so that you don't remain in exile.
Jacob spent 21 years in exile, until he decides to face his Esau.
No matter how many years you have pushed it aside, you will eventually come to the point where you need to face your Esau.
Esau will obstruct your moving forward.
The Esau of our lives comes in various forms.

What is that Esau?
ü  It is the stump from tree you cut years ago and has now showed up again.
ü  You have cried for power but no it is just a plastic experience.
ü  You have Cheated in past and nobody is aware. (Jacob ran to Haran and lived peaceful there)
ü  You might have done Abortion and nobody is aware
ü  Maybe you are using a fake certificate and you want to get the breakthrough job.
ü  You might have slept with your niece, sister, mother and nobody is aware.
ü  You might have a wife and children, your family are not aware.
ü  You have strange women outside and nobody is aware.
You may sing powerfully in the choir, ministering mightily but those Esau will be waiting.
ü  You claim to be born again, you smoke, drink; your pastor is not aware.
ü  As a young girl when in school, you have device an intelligent way of using contraceptive so that no matter how many men you slept with you won’t get pregnant. You might think that is over and nobody saw you.
Until you deal with that Esau you can't move into your Next level

As you grow in life, Your Esau also grows along with you.
The Esau that Jacob left 21 years ago was one person but Esau has now become 400.
If you don’t face and deal with your Esau now, it will become more difficult, more complicated and complex.

Illustration story:
In a bible believing church, some years ago. The church did some crusades and won many people to Christ. Part of the people that were won is this tug man. After he gave his life to Christ, he had nowhere to go, so the church gave him a job as a security man. He was a well-built man.
One day, after the service, it was late and he was doing his round check, he found a small girl in the church. The man questioned her, who are you? Who are your parents? Why didn’t you follow your parents? The girl kept mute. Then the man tried to carry her, this girl was unmovable, her strength was lie that of an elephant.  Ordinarily his spirit man ought to have to him that this was not an ordinary girl but because he was a formal tug, he didn’t give up. He went to look for strong electricity cable to beat this girl; the girl collected it and tore it to pieces. He still didn’t see this as a strange case, this former tug man began to punch and beat this girl, until his hand hit her scarf and he found out that instead of hair on her head, the girl had grasses and leaves on her head. It was at this junction this formal tug man knew he was not facing an ordinary girl but a principality. He gradually stepped backwards and began to quote several scriptures; this girl then stood up and was moving out gradually. Whenever the man was tired and he stopped, then the girl will stop, so he continued this for over 5 hours and finally when the girl got outside the church gate, she vanished.
The real story here was that, during this tussle, the girl dropped a golden wristwatch. This man saw it and took it home. It was the wristwatch that destroyed his household.
This was a man that did not completely deal with his Esau and it caught up with him in a very bad way.
Esau of my father's house, die, in the name of Jesus.
Every esau blocking the power of God in my life die , in the name of Jesus.
king uziah in my life, die, in the name of Jesus

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