Sunday, 23 November 2014


Battle of the Raging Cats
I was sleeping at night when the spirit woke me up to pray. I started to pray that night and my children were asleep in the same room. My husband was not around, he has gone for night vigil.
As the prayers were going on, all of a sudden we started to here the cries of cats. Their cries became very tense and terrifying that my children woke up to ask what was
happening. I asked them to calm Down that it is the fire of God that is tormenting them. We continued to pray and the holy spirit brought a song of our GO to my mouth. I begging to sing like this;  LION LION, LION LION

All of a sudden, the cats manifested from the window to the house roof. This time, they were more violent.

They started to run around and scatter the whole ceiling. After a while we saw them physically inside our room. They were two very big, doglike cats, one black and the other brown. they immediately states to attack me. One of the cats flew at me, trying to bite my neck, I held the neck and strangulated it, the other cat was in the floor waiting
to attack also. I thank God because during this attack, the lord brought people from outside with clubs and machetes; we eventually killed the two cats. I only had little scratches and a bite on my palm from the cats. My children were also saved. Glory to God.
Sis. Anonymous

Pray like this; Say:
v Every bewitched animal assigned against me, die in the name of Jesus.
24 Years Sleeplessness is Gone Forever
In the year 1990, I lost my Job. Since then I have not been able to sleep.
My job loss seriously weighed me down that I had to visit several hospitals.
I was given to drugs that helped me to fall asleep.

I have been using sleeping drug since 1990 till this year.
I was advice to go for deliverance.
At the deliverance session, I told God to take away this sleeplessness.
For the first time in 24 years, I am now able to sleep soundly without taking any drug.
Thanks to the power of God that is able to deliver.
Bro. Anonymous

Pray this prayer from your heart, with faith, 3 times.
v Every long time problem in my life, God of deliverance, remove it from my life today in the name of Jesus.

I thank God, because He did not allow the devil to use my life and that of my family to balance his books for this year.
I have been having constant dream of death. I went for deliverance where I prayed hard against the spirit of death.

On a faithful morning, I just saw in my dream that I wanted to brush and instead of the white Colgate tooth paste, I same blood. I prayed against it and went out.
That day, my driver went to pick my two children from school. I was latter called that the car was involved in a terrible accident. I did not panic, when I got to the scene, I was told the driver is fine; one of my son came out immediately. My other some was missing, there police searched for over 30 minutes, after which he was found with few scratches. That the lord did not let me burry anybody or cry over anyone, Praise the name of the Lord.
Sis. Anonymous
Pray like this; Say:
v End of the year tragedy, my life and the life of my family are not you candidates, in the name of Jesus.

Some months ago, my husband had a dream that, our child fell from a two storey
building. We were praying against this. About six month after this dream, our child went to visit a friend where she actually fell from a two storey building.

I was called that my child had fainted. We rushed her to the hospital as she was bleeding from the ear. We thank God because it could have been worse, And also that there were no internal bleeding or other complications, as she is completely fine now. Glory be, to the name of the lord.
Sis. Anonymous
Pray like this; Say:
v Agenda of darkness, for my life and the life of my family, be truncated, in the name of Jesus.

I am a student in junior school. I am always first in class. Then all of a sudden, the
enemy struck with severe migraine. I head will start pounding as if I should cut the head away and our examinations were fast approaching.
I came to church and made vow to the lord that if He takes away this migraine and help me retain my position in class, I will come out to testify. Today, He has done it, I don’t have migraine any longer and I am still first in class. Praise God.
Little Boy. Anonymous

Pray like this; Say:
v Powers assigned to pull me down, you are a failure; die in the name of Jesus.

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