Sunday, 23 November 2014

Word : The Impact Makers


Roman 8:19                                 King James Version (KJV)


For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God”
The lord is usually concerned about few people, not about the multitudes.

v Many left Egypt but fewmade it to the promise land
v Out of Many Jesus Choose just 12 as disciples
v Of the 12 Disciples, Jesus selected just 4, to the mount of transfiguration
It is the few people that usually make impact.
There are a lot of things that need to be done but even the few are very scarce nowadays.
We need to become people of Impact
On a daily bases, thousands of people die.
Many died and no one is bothered why, probably because they have not touched enough people’s life
In another words, they have not made enough Impact.
Some die and people are so unhappy because he or she has made so much impact.
Also some die and for some reason, people are very happy. They have also made impact but this time, it is negative impact.
Pray like this, Say =>
I shall not be a negative impact in the name of Jesus.
When you exit this world, will you leave your footprints on the sands of time?
People that made Impact =>
 Ø Martin Luther King (Jr.): This was the first black man to raise up his head among all
odds in a foreign land against oppression and victimization. He discovered his destiny in power of words and used it as a weapon of war. He used this weapon to fight in a nonviolent manner and ultimately he won. After his death, Thousands of demonstrators arrived on a National Mall and established a camp they called "Resurrection City". They stayed for six weeks. Even till today, King is remembered as a martyr by the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with an annual feast day on the anniversary of his death, April 4.
 Ø Nelson Mandela: He in his days stood for what was right. He did not give up

regardless of the unconquerable looking opposition. He gave out to the need and feed hungry and considered the poor in his administration. He never acquires massive wealth to himself as what has now become a common trend in Africa.

He was the most celebrated leader after death.

Ø Charles Bruce (ChazB): ChazB is not an ordained pastor but God has used him to
revolutionized relationships, marriages and homes. He has personally helped people he has never met before by paying school fess, contributing to widows. Many jobless people of the past, now have jobs because ChazB made a move.
A lot of people are in position of assistance today but they look the other way. ChazB would still get his normal pay if he just functions as the regular radio producer, but he joined the few and made impact. Today, we celebrate him.

Ø Joseph Ayo Babalola: This man of God discovered
his destiny as a revivalist. He made so much impact through his ministry, that he emptied the hospitals of the sick and did so many things those generations will never forget. He is referred by some, as the greatest revivalist that we have ever gotten in Nigeria. When he died, the wicked people and evil powers did Thanksgiving.

Ø Benson Idahosa: He is a man God used to shake and destabilize the kingdom of darkness. He established the kingdom of God to the extent where he usually challenged fake prophets and the powers of darkness. He his destiny and was identified for that which he believed in. He created the fear of God in the hearths of many, including the unbelievers

Ø Myles Murole: This is also a man that grew up
from a poor background. He discovered is destiny. He became a coach, author leader and pastor. With all this credentials and more, he has touched the lives of numerous people for different facet of life and various part of the world. He is one of the few, that can afford to make sacrifice of getting anywhere in the word just to make impact. No wonder when he died, the whole world was touched, including other religions.

People that ARE STILL MAKING Impact =>
Ø Pastor Enoch Adeboye: Here is a man that has been used by God to propagate the

gospel rapidly in the country. You can never take from him, his humility. With this God has used him to reach the heart of kings, presidents, governors and their likes.

Even though, he was rising very high in his career of academics, he saw he could do more with his destiny. Today, every one is certain that he made the right choice, because even as he is alive and well he is the most celebrated pastor.

Ø Dr. D.K Olukoya: This is a man that discovered his
destiny very early enough and he is still following through. He was from a poor background but he never let his background to pull him down. Instead he was motivated to use his destiny to bring himself and generation from the low estate to the lime light of impact. God has used him to reveal the great power of prayer and revolutionize the system of prayer, which others are following today. Besides the deliverance and miracles, that God is using his ministry to perform. He also personally coach pastors from other ministries. He also discovered is destiny in impacting through books. He does not earn salary from the church. Out of his very busy schedules, he still find time to teach young people, singles and even university undergraduate so that they can discover their destiny early as he did.
Ø Pastor Tunde Bakare: He is a man of God that is uncommonly bold. Though he
was a lawyer,yet he saw his destiny as a pastor and also someone that stands for the truth. Although some people consider him adamant, but the Elijah’s was the bible was not gentlemen. Thank God for respected leaders like him that has successfully combines the work of God, politics and human right without being staining their garments.

Time will not permit us to mention several men that have made impact and are still making impact today.
The Question for us is: can we be categorized as the group that is making impact.
We should decide and endeavor not to live the ordinary and general life
If nobody is learning something good from your life then you are living a wasted life.                                                                                Dr. D.K Olukoya

The fact that you are born in a manger does not mean that you must die there.                                                                                                        Dr. D.K Olukoya

1.     People who do not know who they are: They are totally ignorant of their destiny. They may be intelligent or rich but don’t know the power that their destiny carries.
Pray like this, Say =>
I will not die with my potentials, in the name of Jesus.
Your talent or profession may not necessarily mean you destiny.
You need to locate your destiny and follow it.
Moses, in the bible was a shepherd by profession by he authored five books in the bible.
Paul also was a lawyer and persecutor but found his destiny and authored 2/3 of the bible.
Ask yourself this question: WHO AM I?
2.    People who don’t know what is happening: They are confused of why things are going on the way it is.
3.    People that just watch things happen: They are satisfied with their condition. Several activities go on around them but they are not concerned, they have this believe that that is what life has in stock for them. They are referred to as spectators.
4.    Strugglers and Wrestlers: They struggle to make it in life. Struggle to enter school, struggle to graduate, service is problem, struggle to get job, struggle to marry and so on. Go has not plan this.
5.    The Zero People: These types of people are just there. When they meet you, they don’t have anything to offer.
6.    Significant People: These are the people of affluence. It is not necessary they are making impact, it might just be that they are rich are children of politicians or business morgue.
7.    People that make things Happen (Impact Makers): This are the people that have discovered their destiny and purpose. They are consciously working in it. They are making impact. Surely in this process, money will definitely flow in; therefore this kind of people will never be poor. They are affecting people’s life for good.

Endeavour to go out of our way to impact a life positively Today.
What you do just today will count for you tomorrow and many years to come.


  1. God Help us all to impact our generation IJN

  2. Hear lies the secret of fallen heroes we remember today.50 years ago, we heard of People like Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo Ransome-kuti family and so on. What will be said about you and I. Our pastors,leaders, governors,party leaders, fashola and co, Tinubu, Babangida, Obasanjo, Reuben Abati, our favoured Goodluck Jonathan; WHAT WOULD BE SAID ABOUT YOU IN THE NEXT 50 YEARS?


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