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Word : Reality


Psalm 73:16-17
Still, when I tried to figure it out,
all I got was a splitting headache . . . 
Until I entered the sanctuary of God.

Then I saw the whole picture :{ The Message} 
Sometimes it can be hard to face reality, but there’s just no escaping it.
Millions of people attempt to do so every day of the week but it is a futile exercise. At the start of every path that we expect to lead us away from unpleasant reality, we encounter the sign that reads ‘No way through’.
What is Reality?
Reality is what is real, that which underlies appearances, the actual way which things are. 
There is a word which describes the attempt to retreat from reality.
It is distraction and can be understood as the unhealthy desire to escape from realities of life by concentrating on other interests.
There is an unbreakable connection between truth and reality.
If we refuse to face anything that is true, the following happens:
-        we deplete ourselves
-        something dies within us
-        We become less of a human.
Why should this be?
 v We are made in the image of a God. It is written; God does not lie and He created us in his own image. The bible also says; be perfect, even as my heavenly father is perfect.
Whenever we speak or live a lie, we are inwardly deprived.
 v We are designed for the truth and we cannot function effectively unless we live by the truth.
When a rational human being knows that something is a lie, he cannot convince himself it is the truth, though he may try to deceive others by pretending that they believe the lie to be the truth, but the situation goes against the grain of the personality and creates an inner conflict.
The conflict creates disturbances in the physical body, which serves as input into a polygraph machine. When this happens, the little instrument goes haywire and says: ‘Hey, you just told a lie.’

Reality can be pleasant or unpleasant.
We have no difficulty in coping with the pleasant side of reality; we need to find a way of dealing with those realities that comprise what one poet called ‘the ugly side of life’.
 Our maturity as people can be measured by how well we cope with the “ugly side of life’-those harsh and threatening things that happen to us all at one time or another.
There are basically two ways we can respond to unpleasant reality: we can face up to it, or we can look for a way of escape. Naturally, there are some forms of reality from which we should escape.
For example, we may be threatened with or experience violence at the hands of another. This is a reality which should not be endured. Our discussion here is about those realities which can, and ought to be faced and which we need not attempt to avoid. Escaping and escapism are quite different matters.

What is it that makes people, in general turn away from unpleasant reality and look for ways of escape?
The answer is: they do not know the one true reality – God. 

The more we know the one true reality – God, the less afraid we will be of any other form of reality, no matter how threatening it may be. This is not to say that a close relationship with God will make us immune to the hurts and difficulties of life. Unfortunately, many Christians expect to be exempt from difficulties, but that expectation is a false one- it does not reflect reality. Problems will always be with us, but so too wills God.
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. {John 16:33}

When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee {Isa 43:2}

Life can be extremely hard, that is reality. But the clearer your perspective of God, the better equipped you will be to face up to all the unpleasant reality and deal with it.
This generation has invented more ways of escape than any other. And the major reason for this is because it has lost its belief in God. When God goes, then everything worthwhile goes with Him, everything lacks basis, permanence and ultimate meaning. This generation has hung everything on the wrong nail- the insecure nail off money and economic prosperity and a fall is inevitable. One day the nail of materialism will give way, and then everything men and women have hung upon it will come crashing down. The nail should have been God, for when He holds everything, everything holds.

 Basic Facts about Reality?
 -  Knowing God is a prerequisite for knowing ourselves. We cannot be real people until we come in
contact with the ultimate reality – God. For to the extent that we know Him, to the extent will we know ourselves and be more real, more honest human beings.
 - How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation? (Hebrews 2:3) 
- We can never be fully human until we know the great reality – Jesus.
Those who ignore Jesus are not fully human and fully alive.
There is no deception as great as self-deception.
 All Christians have an escapist mentality. Only the Holy Spirit, unfolding His truth through the scripture, can cut through our subterfuges and show us our real motivation.
 - Our worth as humans is not depended on not finding any defects or inadequacies within ourselves. The reality is that although God longs for us to become more and more like Him, He accepts us as we are, even though we are not as He wants us to be.
 -  God is not against us for our sin, but for us against our sin.
 To be continued . . .
Remain Blessed

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