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Forty Rules of Effective Deliverance {Part 1 -Continues}

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 14 December, 2014
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.
{Part 1 -Continues}

This message is a continuation of the word of the day of yesterday; "Forty Rules of Effective Deliverance"   . I pray that you will receive the anointing to launch you into you total and effective deliverance in the name of Jesus.
What are the forty Rules of Effective Deliverance?
RULE 1:  You must be born again
This is the bible salvation.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. {2 Cor 5:17}
Majority of people that come to church are not really born again.
We have Pastors, General Overseers, Deacons, usher, superintendent that are not born again.
When you are born again, it is compulsory and essential that there is a difference.
There should be a difference in :
Ø Your Lifestyle
Ø The way you talk
Ø Your Actions
Ø The places you visits
Ø The kind of Friends you keep

Because when you’re born again, your life should definitely Change.
That is the origin of that popular song;
Great change since I met God (4x).
The things I used to do, I do them no more
The places I used to go, I go there no more.
There’s been a great change since I met God born 
The bear I used to drink, I drink them no more;
The Sugar Daddy, I use to meet, I meet them no more;
The malice, I used to keep, I keep them no more;
There’s been a great change since I met God born 

There must be a change; if there is no change then you are not really born-again.
It is like starting a new life afresh; so we should not presume to continue in the old way we do things.
You cannot continue in the old way of:
   ·      Anger
   ·      Malice
   ·      Lust
   ·      Fornication
   And others.
If you are still living in this old ways and you say you are born-again then your own born-again can be regarded as Second-Hand, Tokunbo, Photocopy, patch-patch.
Illustration story:
In the year 1999, I worked late at the church and was driving back home with my wife at about 11 pm. When we got to the gate of unilag, we saw so group of girls who waved us down for a lift. We stopped to carry these three
young girls. As we were going, I ask them; where they were going at that late hour, they said they were going for a night party. I then ask them; why are you all dressed like this? Will your parent be happy seeing you like this.(They were almost naked and their breast almost coming out). I was then trying to preach to them; I said; you know you need to be born-again; before I could continue, one of them said; excuse me sir , point of correction, we are all born-again. I said you are not, you can’t be; they said, no sir, we are, Shakalapp kolopa noma salpa (they started to speak in tongues).
Anybody can speak in tongues, it doesn't make them born-again.
Even the masquerade worshipers speak in tongues.
The Ogun worshipers speak in tongues.
The New birth is not determined by, how long you have been in church or being a Christian.
There are 70 years old sinners, 80 years old sinners
You must be born again!!! It is not negotiable

Illustration story:
We were in an International conference where you had several pastors and
minister. The Theme of the conference is love.
There was a bishop that was supposed to roundup on the final day. This pastor in the full glare of everybody, in an international conference said; the best way that he could show love to his members is to sleep with them.
Plenty pastors are not born-again; pastors wife are not born again.
Illustration story:
We have seen a church where a pastor’s wife storm into the church. She got to know that the husband (pastor) was  befriending another sister in the church. The
pastor was at the pulpit; his wife took the church bell, hit the husband’s head with it. Located the lady befriending the husband as they were in the same attire with the husband that Sunday; The pastor‘s wife gave this lady the beating of her life, all in the church (as you know that women that sleep with other women’s husband are not strong in fighting. The only thing they can do well id fornicate);
The pastor is not born-again; pastor’s wife is not born-again; Sister is not born-again; the three of them are not born-again.
RULE 2:  Repent from every know sin
Every sin in your life is strengthening the enemy to fight you hard
There is nothing like general Confession.

When you commit a particular sin, you have to confess that particular sin and repent from them. (Turn away and don’t go back to the sin)
So, all those prayers of: Father, “forgive us of the sins of omission, omissions of any sin is not very relevant in confession.
Also those that repent today fall tomorrow; repent next tomorrow fall day after is not a good sign of repentance.
The Bible says: And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent: {Acts 17:30}
This means when it gets to a point of non-ignorance, God will hold it against you.
For those that are in this category, Deliverance is still far; until they have serious and total repentance
Every Sinner is joining hands with the devil to give God a Fight

There is no small Sin; Every Sin is Sin.
Whether you take a gun and kill someone, it is sin;
Whether you murder someone by hatred, it is the same sin.

Whether you sleep with a woman that is not your wife, it is sin;
Whether you lust after a woman in your heart, it is the same sin.
What the bible says is: All Sinners will not enter the kingdom of God.{1 Cor 6:9}
The bible did not categories the sin; may be small sin or big sin; All Sinners.
This includes the Fornicator, drunkard, gossip, slanderer and all other forms of sinners.
The Ultimate Solution is genuine Repentance.
RULE 3:  You Must Determine to Be Free
Have a rugged determination to be free from that sin
You need to make up your mind that you are ready to give whatever it takes to be free.
There is this book “Slaves Who Love their Chain”. It will be good if you can read it.
It is a different thing, that you know you have a problem; it is also a different thing for you to decide to come out or stay in your problem.
Slaves who loves they chains will remain in their chains

When you are truly ready to be free; if they say;
-       Remove Eye lashes, you will remove it.
-       Remove Lipstick, you will remove it.
-       Remove the vulture fingernails, you will remove it.
-       Don’t use the marine objects anymore, you will yield to it.
But slaves that love their chains will find an excuse to continue.
They will say: I won’t look attractive; people will laugh at me.
All this cannot be compared with total freedom from: marine attacks, sprit husband, spirit wife, virtue robbery, children killers and the likes.
It is better to settle for Total Repentance, if Truly, You want Deliverance.
Illustration story:
There was a lady I saw last week; before that I saw her last about 10 years ago. Then I used to tell her; don’t bleach your skin, repent, leave your
chains of bondages. She would say; Bro Daniel! This life I am, I am going to pass through it once, I want to enjoy life to the fullest; Peradventure if am now old, I can consider all this.
Just last week that I saw her, she has Tuberculosis, Hepatitis HIV; all from, I want to enjoy myself. She now came back to me saying give me water of fire; when I was counseling her she had no need for water of fire. After 10 years, she is now back, did not even enjoy for long.
It will do us all, great good, if we can learn for all this true life stories. They say: “Experience is the best Teacher” We do not necessarily need to learn from our own experience because we might not survive the experience.
There is a word that will be common in hell fire; Too Late ! Too Late ! Too Late !

Knew the secret too late.
Became wise too late
I pray for you;
You will not be too late for you in the name of Jesus.
Powers saying it shall be too late for you shall die in the name of Jesus,

RULE 4:  Watch Your Heart and Thoughts
Out of your hearth comes the issue of life; both positive and negative
Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.{Prov 4:23}

You need to put a guard and control in your heart.
Watch against Doubt, fear, pride, malice.
It is not a sin for your heart to get bad thoughts
But it is a sin for you to begin to meditate on it.
It is just like a bird, flying above your head, you cannot do anything;
But if the bird lands on your head, you will give it hard fist to know it
You must not allow evil thought to stay in your hearth.
Don’t even ponder or meditate on it.
If your heart is bad; then deliverance will be difficult.
The only thing we are permit to allow in our heart is highlighted in the scripture below:
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.{Phil 4:8}
Your thinking should not be opposite this.
Your thinking should be:
   o  True
   o  Honest
   o  Just
   o  Pure
   o  Lovely
   o  Good report
   o  Virtue
   o  Praise
These are the 8 things we should be thinking about.
We should not be thinking of; somebody does not like me, someone is doing this or that; think positive.
These kinds of Thoughts Cancels Prayers.

This makes you start prayer process afresh
And with this it will be difficult to attain effective deliverance.
Some complain that; they don't know why find themselves always thinking of bad things .
It is because they have bad things inside of them.
Get rid of this bad things (characters) then you will begin to think of good things.
RULE 5:  Be Conscious Of the Fact that; We Wrestle
In this life, whether we like it or not, we are in a Battle
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. {Eph 6:12}
We are in a Wrestling Match.
Of all the fighting art, wrestling is the most dangerous.
During apostle Paul’s days(Paul wrote this scripture), the kind of wrestling then was very brutal. There was no round 1, 2, 3 or 4.
It is either you surrender or you die there.
Kicking was allowed, twisting of the arm and all sorts was allowed.
Unlike boxing, where you can’t punch below the belt, in wrestling, there were no rules then.
So, you can imagine why Paul used such a hard word to represent the battle we fight. Paul meant it as a serious battle.
It says; we wrestle:
   v Against principalities.
   v Against powers.
   v Against the rulers of the darkness of this world.
   v Against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Illustration story:
Many years ago, some family member was going on away to somewhere. They have always been complaining that the work I and my wife are doing is too much; they said we should get a house–help. We told them that we could manage and I do the cooking even if my wife is not around. Since they were going away they brought this girl from the town and said she should assist us.

The night they bought her, it was late. As our usual practice, we used to do serious sweating prayers before we sleep; the girl said she was too tired to join us. We insisted that is compulsory, that is the custom here, some she had no choice than to join us.
After the whole prayer we went to sleep; I was awaken from sleep in the middle of the night by this strange discussion. I went to this girl’s room, I saw her still deeply asleep but she was talking to someone; though I could to see who she was talking to but she was responding.
She was saying to the unseen creature: The house is hot sha ! But I will try, so far as I have penetrated inside, I will look for what to use.
It is dangerous sha O !
I pray for you:
Every spirit, visiting your house shall be buried alive in the name of Jesus.
I stayed there and listened to their conversation, they discuss for good two hours. After 2 hours I saw that she was no longer talking and had begun to sleep normally, I woke her up and ask her , who are you talking to, she said nobody; I told her I will ask you just two more times, if you don’t answer, I will call on the God of Elijah to send fire upon you.
Then she begun to say; please sir, they are my friends, they sent me here. I ask her to repeat after me; you, my friends!! I cannot operate here, I cannot do this job and she said it.
By the time we woke up the following morning, she had had her bath and packed her belongings; she said she cannot stay here.
These are the type powers we wrestle against; therefore we cannot afford to give the devil a place so that we won’t be open to attack and defeat.
   1.   Wickedness in my life, die in the name of Jesus.
   2.   Wickedness in my body, die in the name of Jesus.
   3.   Wickedness in my household, die in the name of Jesus.

   We will continue this message some other time. Work on all we have said and your life will definitely change for the best.


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