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Forty Rules of Effective Deliverance {Part 1}

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 14 December, 2014
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.

It has become a general knowledge that everyone needs deliverance to possess his or her possession.
Obadiah 1:17 Says; But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.
Here also lies the most common problem.
Many people have undergone the Deliverance prayers and programmes but there have been no change. There deliverance has been ineffective.
It means that Deliverance can be ineffective

Many people are struggling with this deliverance.
They are wondering; why do the problems persist with all this prayers?
Whenever they pray, it is just as if they only agitate the demons; the demons don’t really leave.
It can be seen as creating a disturbance for the demon; such that the molecules of the demon are agitated and after a while they get their peace back.
So the problems would not really go, the time you feel at ease is only that the demon of the problems went to sleep and are waiting for your unguided hour before they surface (attack) again.
Ø ====
It has become a general rule and norm that anyone that want to get married; they would make a lot of noise and party.
They will also want to feed those who are not hungry.

They will not think about how they will manage the home after the wedding ceremony.
Some might not even have enough.
If they can take half of the money for the ceremony and pour it into the home, it will serve them up to six months.
I don’t think, it will be written on their marriage certificate;
Wedding done in “so so” church but there was no food.
No! In actual fact after this wedding day, you might not hear from over 60% of people that attend your wedding.
I usually always advise that the couple should not eat, on that day.
It is my personal advice.
People have, by themselves, invited problems, into their lives.
Many people have use their own hands to make themselves a Deliverance Candidate
Illustration story:
Many years ago, I was at a marriage ceremony.

I was ignorant, at that time; if it was now I will know what to do.
They served the couple at the high table Jollof rice; they were supposed to feed each other. The woman first dips her spoon in the rice, into husband’s mouth and he ate and swallowed it, smiling.
Also the man dipped his spoon into the jollof rice; put it in his wife’s mouth. All of a sudden, the wife begins to cough and choke. This was how the woman was carried for the reception to the hospital.
It was later discovered that there was a person at the reception venue that does not want her to get married. People saw her been fed with just a spoon of rice but the power of darkness manipulated it and she was actually taking in three other spoons. It was very sad that she never recovered.
Say this Prayer:
Every hidden enemy, assigned against my life; be exposed, fail in the name of Jesus.
Ø ====
It is a tragedy that now in our television, computers, and mobile phone, all over, you can watch phonograph.

Even inside the church, you see some people watching pornography inside the church.
This shows how far the enemy had gone in this world.
You can see that Deliverance will be so far from such people, no matter how much they pray.
Those who come to Christ under the fear of hell fire (Salvation Purpose), they usually repent totally and genuinely; this is usually the case in those day.
In our generation of today! Many has rushed to deliverance ground (to solve their problem); whereas what God desires, is repentance.

Many useful hours have been wasted for prayers.
Many don't know Bible scriptures but they only want deliverance.

For some people, any little thing, you see them at mountain Idanri, mountain this, mountain that and so on. .. ;
You see them seeking after prophets.
What God really wants, is just Genuine Repentance

Some people have only masquerade, with the activity and title of choir, usher, pastor, praying many prayers and so on.
Such people still have in their lives; the spirit of Lust pride, anger, fornication.
With this still in your life Deliverance will be a waste of time.
The First and major Step is Repentance
This is the Foundation of Deliverance.
Without that Repentance, Deliverance cannot be Effective

Illustration story:
There was a time; a sick woman was brought to me for prayers. I begin to pray for her; I had prayed for about ten minutes when I was interrupted. A male voice spoke from the mouth of this sister saying; “If you say we should go, we will go, but mark our work, we will be back. This woman is a fornicator that is where we got her. The next time we will come back for her, she would be dead before she even gets here”

We have a lot of people in and out of the church during cover-up Christianity.
There are even some men that attend services with strange women;
The lady sitting by their side is not their wife, their wife is somewhere else and they are so bold in the presence of God with a strange woman.
Such men will still pray some prayers like “O God Arise, Let my Enemy Be Scattered” God will just be look because if He scatters your enemy, you will also be scattered.
We will base the tree rules of effective deliverance on two scriptures: Eph 4:27 and James 4:7.
Neither give place to the devil. {Eph 4:27}
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. {James 4:7}
If you don't give place to the devil, he won't stay in the place;
If you give place to the devil, he will stay in the place.

For Example:
One of the major problems of man is anger.
Whereas, Anger is very easy to control.
Whenever a person gets you angry, you should not talk.
You can even start praying, singing or speaking in tongues but don’t talk.
The spirit of anger loves expression.

If you don’t talk, then the anger be suppressed and die ill-born.
After a while, the spirit will leave you.
If you continue to respond by talking, then they will remain there.
Demons like expression.
With this in your life, Deliverance will be null and void.
Neither give place to the devil.

Until you dismantle the place, you have given; there will be no effective deliverance.
A lot of ladies find it hard to padlock their mouth for few minutes, so can even talk up to 50 words per minutes.
Many people are giving the devil a place in their lives
Now there is a lot of epidemic of women to women, men to men sexual relationship.
Of course with this the Spirit husbands, spirit wives, witches and wizard will have having their fun in such people’s life.
 They will say, they are enjoying themselves but unknowingly they are giving the devil a lot of room in their lives.
What does it mean to give a place to the devil?
v To allow worldliness to take over your life.
  ü Alcohol

  ü Parties Lovers: There is a party here, you there, party next day, and they will find you there.
  ü Coming to church and have a separate wears for church and separate dress for the world.
  ü My hair! My hair! : Many have put several attachments to their head of glory.
 They will now pray: “My head, receive favor” How will it work? When there is an object of anti-favour attached.

The people that are using attachment might not have the understanding but the initiators understand very well what they are doing.
If the lord has ever opened your eyes to see the queen of the coast, you will see the type of hair she carries; she has this hair flowing down to the bottom.
Dressing like that is just giving her a platform of attack in your life.
You might not like this saying but it is the truth.
We will say it, so that you don’t say; “I was not told”
Your blood won’t be on any one’s head.
It will do you a big good if you heed to this;
This is when; you will stop becoming a perpetual deliverance candidate.
I pray for you:
Any power that wants to anchor your head to demons, die in the name of Jesus
v To allow Sin to keep Reigning in your life.
  ü Envy
  ü Hatred
  ü Backbiting
  ü Fornication
All this will allow the enemy to gain entrance into your life.
Ask a question.
What are you doing in some unholy environment like club and the likes; when most of the people present are the unbelievers?
When the mission there is only to excite your flesh.
If the devil wants to attack the place with spiritual Ebola, what will you say? That you are covered with the blood?
You claim to be a Christian and while you colleagues are busy evangelizing in the bush you are in ungodly places.

Many have been slaves to movies.
They Watch Bollywood, Nollywood Hollywood and all the woods that is available. They watch part 1, part2, part3, part 4 and to be continued.
Such a person will find it hard to grow spiritually.

This is the simple little things we do that inhibit our growth.
We now begin to wonder why the fire prayers have not brought the fire results.
v Eating at the Dining Table of darkness.

We ought to be conscious of what we eat.
Some can eat anything eatable, anywhere, anytime.
A lot of fast food has become fast death.
How are you sure of the ingredients used? Do you know what type of oil used?
Learn to eat in your house.
These days, you have a lot of diseases; kidney failure, heart disease and so on.
You see your friend eating chips and salivating you say; can I have some? You don’t know the source.
Some have even eating such and in the middle of the night find themselves flying.
May the lord open our understanding.
Show the entry builds a stadium in your life
v To Be Demoted to Animal Level.
To give a place to the devil is being demoted the status of an animal. 
Animal have three key characteristics:
  ü Sexually indiscipline
  ü Food indiscipline
  ü Anger uncontrolled
v Taking what does not belong to you.
v Taking possession of Abominable materials.
When you still have the clothes, photos that you collected from your former boyfriend/girlfriend when you were wickedly in the world.
v Failure To Tame Your Tongue

You can to anything to anybody at any time. You have all response to any kind of question. You should learn the principle of keeping quiet.

v Give in to Worry and Anxiety
The bible says emphasis on the word Rejoice. It says: Rejoice in the Lord always, Again Rejoice.

When the bible repeats something, it shows that it is very important. It says Rejoice always, not rejoice on Monday, worry on Tuesday; Rejoice always.
Worry and anxiety gives way for the Heaviness of the heart.
The book of Isaiah also says; With Joy, you shall draw water out of the well of Salvation. {Isaiah 12:3}
Crying is not capable of helping.
If crying could help to solve problems then the whole world would have been a crying arena.
The cry only hurts your eyes, damage your emotions cause you to have heart ache and headache.
 In Deliverance, there is something known as the Melancholy Spirit.
Crying brings in the melancholy spirit and afterwards also invites other demons like sadness, sorrow, bitterness, hatred, forgiveness and the likes.
I pray:
Every cleverly design cage of the enemy in your life, catch fire in the name of Jesus.
 v Eating the Bread of Sorrow
The bible refers the bread of sorrow to as, when you labour very hard but you reap just a little. Giving the devil a place can cause this. {Psalm 127:2}
 v Gives Room the wandering Spirits.
These are the spirits that have been cast out from other people’s lives, now the have no place, so they wander about. Any life that has giving the devil a place is readily available for such spirit {Matthew 12:43}
I Pray for You Today:
Every Wandering Spirit assigned against your life, be frustrated in the name of Jesus.
 v When you follow the iniquity of you father’s House.

Many people are just continuing in the evil ways of their fathers. Their fathers married several wife; they have begun to have several girlfriends.
They mother was impregnated before marriage; they have begun to sleep with all sort of men. Their used to beat their mother so bad, they have begun to get so angry. You should not ignore this. Start prayer on it, so that you will not give the devil a place.
 v Lack of Interest in the things of God.
Many people are not interested in things of God but they desire so have good things. They claim they are Christians but they do not contend for the fate; they are even Christians underground. They don’t want to be seen too serious.
. . . What do you have that God hasn't given you? {1 Cor 4:7 -NLT}
 v Sucking the Breast of Familiar Spirit.
Many people’s destinies have been destroyed by sucking the breast of familiar spirit. They believe they are enjoying life but they have actually given the devil a place and the devil is happy.
Deliverance would not be Effective if You Give a place to the Devil

You need to examine your life to see where you have given place to the devil.
Then you dismantle the place
Giving a place to the devil can be seen as airport; if there is no airport in your life, it is impossible for a plane to land there.
If you don’t give the devil a landing space then it will be impossible for the devil to land there.
You need to destroy every landing place of the aircraft of the devil in your life.
Those Landing space could be: Over-talking where you talk out your destiny, laziness, reckless eating, too much leisure and the likes.
If you can identify and destroy this landing space, you will be amazed of how much breakthrough and deliverance you will possess.
The need of Deliverance is not a matter of your religious title or responsibility, whether deacon, pastor, usher, general overseer and so on.
Illustration story:
So months ago, we saw that there was so much indecent dress at the prayer city; which is solely meant for prayer, 24/7. Because of this, we stop people
that were indecently dressed from entering the place of prayer. A pastor now wrote against us, saying; it is not right and it is an abuse of the fundamental human right of a person to stop them from entering that place because there was a bank there. We called the bank and told them, we brought you to this place and we cannot allow the bank now to stop the main purpose of this ground; you should decide what you want. You can imagine a pastor canvassing for the fundamental right to be indecently dressed.
It shows you that, even pastors need deliverance. Many people, general superintendents, pastors, ministers, bishops are all deliverance candidates.
It is a disaster if you become a slave to such people, where they will now lay their hands on you head of glory; no wonder that the problem will now increase.

This is a very loaded message; we do not want to overload you. Please do digest this very well and get the remaining of this part tomorrow.
We will be starting on the Rules of Deliverance tomorrow; You can not afford to miss it. Also share with your friends and family; this is a way of  repairing and impacting lives.
I pray that, the deliverance your desire in every area of your life shall manifest in the name of Jesus.
God bless you and have a productive week ahead.

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  1. very very useful messages for me thank God for this blog, and the servent of God, who used by the heavenly Father.

  2. very very useful messages for me thank God for this blog, and the servent of God, who used by the heavenly Father.


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