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Word: The Giant Power Killers {Part 2}


We continue today’s sermon from yesterday’s message titled: “The Giant Power Killers”  .
We were made to know that there is a giant in us and most people’s internal giant are asleep.
But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: {Acts 1:8}
There are many internal soldiers in you that are sleeping.
It’s time to wake up the soldier in you.
We also learnt that we need        grow.
Stagnation brings Decay; and ultimately brings Death
What are the Power Killers ?continuation.
   2.    School of Stagnancy

This is a power killer that the devil uses.
The children of Israel were moving round in cycles
The Spirit of routine had cut up with most people.

Many people live on tradition; they say ; this is how they have been doing it; the reason and motive they don’t know.
Even in their activities, it is done in the same manner that the devil can predict them.
The devil can even predict their prayer sequence; thank God, forgiveness and so on.

We are supposed to be improving and growing spiritually.

If there is growth spiritually then the inspected can still happen in your life.
There is a clear difference between a living tree and a dead tree.
The living tree’s leaves are green; while the dead tree’s leaves are not.
When you cut a living tree; there is an out pour of liquid substance but when you cut a dead tree, nothing happens; why ? It is because the tree is dead !!!
This is the situation of stagnation; it will kill gradually till death comes.
Stagnation Kills; Growth Keeps Alive !!!

Sincerely ask yourself these Questions ;
 v Have you grown spiritually than you were, two years ago?
 v Do you know than you knew two years ago?

 v Have you become better than you were two months ago?
 v How much have you consecrated in the last one year ?
 v Has your bible scripture knowledge increased from last year ?
 v When last did you do a personal vigil on your own?
 v Have you ever experienced the touch of God ?
 v Do you really know the lord?
 v Are you genuinely saved ?
 v Has the lord ever called you by name ?
Saying; David, David ! Margaret, Margaret !!!
Holiness belongs to the ministry of internal affairs.
There are two major key to Power; Salvationand Holy Ghost Baptism
Salvation was obtained for us by Jesus Christ on the Cross.
The holy ghost fills with power and the more you grow spiritually you begin to increase the infilling of the Holy Ghost.
The more infilling of the Holy Ghost you get the more you would become a terror to your enemies.
Illustration story:
Some years back, we were in the middle of the service. The sermon that day was “Sermon on the Altar”; where we were teaching how a person need to cut to pieces on the altar of God so that the fire of God will possess you. The service that day focus on how God can move as a consuming fire. The
woman  prayed so hard because her business was not moving at all. When woman got home, she place her hands on the wall and was just praying like this; “Fire of God, Enter this Place”; after a while she went to the next wall and prayed the same prayer with her hands on the wall. It was not up to ten minutes, her neighbor in the next room was shouting and crying; saying “fire ! somebody stop mama Ibeji, tell her to stop ! Stop! Fire is burning me
It was her shout that called attention of other tenants, instead this woman continued her prayer.
That is the experience of what the infilling of the holy host power can do; it can terrorize your enemies.

Illustration story:

A farmer was walking on the mountain one day, he found the nest of an
eagle. Out of curiosity, he took the eagle’s egg from the nest to his home.
When he got home, he placed the eagle’s egg under his hen in his poultry. Though it took very long for the egg to hatch, after a while, the egg hatched in to a young eaglet.
The farmer was watching and noticing the young eaglet every day.
The eaglet was unlike  the other chicken.

The eaglet was black, ugly , bigger and so different for the others.
After some time the eaglet begin to adapt with the others and adopt the life of a chicken.

The young eaglet will take shelter under the mother hen, it will keep looking down like the chicken instead of looking up
The farmer keep watching and noticed that though he was raising the eaglet like the chicken, it did not like the chicken at all.
One day, a mother eagle appear on the sky and notice from above an eaglet in the midst of chicks. The mother eagle knew immediately that things were not in the right order. The mother eagle then
made a loud scream from above; Hreeeaaaa !!! , this eaglet heard it and the cry made a sounding alarm in it. The mother made another loud scream; Hreeeaaaa !!! And for the first time in the life of this eaglet, it look up to the sky and saw a bird that looks like it. The mother eagle made a third loud scream; Hreeeaaaa !!! , the eagle flapped its wing tried to fly but it fell down; the eaglet now understood that that life does not belong to it and the wings it had never used to fly , it started try to fly with it, and was falling until the eagle successful made it first fly and flew away; it left the other chicks and followed mother eagle.

This story is directed to us all; many people are eagles living among chicks; many are living at the ground level when they have the capability of flying very high.

There is a call unto you today; Fly away from the midst of the chicks so that you can become a vessel of power.
I pray for you;
The lord will taking you away from the valley and place you on the mountain of Power in Jesus name.
The lord will release his mighty grace that will propel you to fly into your destiny of greatness in Jesus name.

   1.   Every wicked power swallowing the result of your prayer from January to December, collapse and die, in the name of Jesus!
   2.   Year 2014,hear me and hear me well, vomit my remaining blessings in Jesus name.
   3.   As the year is running to an end, my life shall not run to an the name of Jesus.
   4.   As from today, I shall laugh my laugh, sing my song and I shall dance my dance whether the devil likes it or not in Jesus name.
   5.   Joy of the Lord, baptize my life in Jesus name
   6.   I shall not be buried and I shall not bury my loved ones as the year is coming to an end in the name of Jesus
   7.   People that I know and people I do not know, as from today, begin to bless me in the name of Jesus.
   8.    Miracles that I have not heard, manifest in my life.
   9.    O God arise ! Glorify yourself in my Life, in the name of Jesus.
  10.    I recover back every of my lost opportunities by the power, in the blood of Jesus.

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