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Word : The Giant Power Killers

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries.
Sermon Date: Wednesday, 17 December, 2014
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: {Acts 1:8}

But tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high. {Luke 24:49}
It’s time to wake up the soldier in you
There are many internal soldiers in you that are sleeping.
That is why we usually say:
If the enemy has stolen from you, recovery is by force.

There is no gentle way of overcoming evil.
As there is no gentle way of cleaning a septic tank; you need to clean it with force.

The enemy of your life does not want to see the fulfillment of your destiny.
Decree this to yourself:
Everything good that has been written about me shall be established in the name of Jesus.

Enemies will not just fold their hands and see you fulfilling destiny; that is a mistake.
Whether you like our not, no matter what churches are teaching, war has been declared.
We need the power of God to be victorious in the battle of life.
The enemy is not troubled about the promises you receive about your life; what they are concerned about is its fulfillment.

Let us see how it will happen . . .
May every boasting of the enemy against your life be frustrated in the name of Jesus.
I pray;
The fulfillment time of good promises for your life shall manifest in Jesus name.
When there is no battle, there can be no victory.
There is no honorary in this kind of battle ; you need to fight for the victory.
For this cause the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. {1 John 3:8}
Jesus came to fight against the works of the enemy.
The enemy you don’t conquer today, will conquer you tomorrow.
Begging the enemy will not work; In fact it will only make them come into your life and become king.
I usually counsel young people to pray this prayer.
O God arise and visit me in the morning of my life; not in the evening
There are a lot you can do if you get your deliverance so early in life; compared to the time when you don’t have much strength, power, vigor, year to yourself.
It is very clear and true that:

  ü War is violent
  ü War is Disturbing
  ü War is Destructive
  ü War is Fearful
  ü War is sometimes necessary
  ü War is uncomfortable
  ü Sometimes, there can be no peace without war
  ü Sometimes there can be casualties
Unfortunately, there many Christians that have become casualties; the reason is because of powerlessness.
You can't be a lightweight champion and be challenging a heavy weight champion; the person will be wasted.
That is the problem we have today.
Illustration story:
During my young early days, I taught in a secondary school. The school used to appoint an “Officer on Duty” on a weekly basis. The  “Officer on Duty” is responsible in ensuring that the student are in school at the appropriate time also ensuring the school environment is in order.
One day, I was on duty and I was already rapping work; I then saw this girl just coming to school; she was walking majestically at 8:30 pm.

When she got to me, I ask her to check her time. I then called for my cane; I used to teach biology then,; my biology student rushed to me and said; biology teacher sir, please sir, don’t beat this girl o!, she will faint; when the last teacher beat her, the last time, she fainted; it took us 30 minutes before we could revive her; her mother even came to school the following day and beat up the teacher; please sir leave her alone; I still said , go bring my came for me. Another teacher came out and said, it’s like you are new here, don’t you know this girl; she will cause trouble for us; its better you let her be. I said: give me my cane.

Imagine, a girl has been terrorizing the school with her ogbanje spirit.
I collected my cane held her and was saying to her; I bind every spirit of ogbanje; I then gave her 6 strokes of the cane. While I was beating her, she was going white and wanted to faint, I said to her, in the name of Jesus , you will not faint. The people around was afraid because of the evil power she poses it but in the presence of the power of God, her evil powers were powerless.

There is a supernatural power of God that it’s supposed to radiate round a believer.
If a person does not possess that power, the case then becomes the lamentation in the scripture; Psalm 74:9
9. We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet: neither is there among us any that knoweth how long. 10. O God, how long shall the adversary reproach? shall the enemy blaspheme thy name for ever? {Psalm 74:9-10}
Symptoms of Powerlessness
 Ø If you find out your prayer life is becoming mechanical.
 Ø No experience of supernatural manifestation of God.
 Ø Lack of Miracle in your life.
 Ø High religious activities but nothing to show for it.
 Ø When it appears that Gods is so distance and powerless.
 Ø When you experience defeat in many areas of your life.
 Ø When you experience social and spiritual embarrassment.
 Ø When you are losing your possession gradually.
 Ø Lose of interest in bible study
 Ø Loss of appetite for long prayers
 Ø When you do vigil, you fall asleep and what wakes you up the cock crow; CocuruuuuKu. !
 Ø Being pressed down in you sleep.

By divine calculation, no mosquito should be able to land on a hot coal of fire; if the enemy is now pressing you down and you tried to call Jesus; you say: Je .. Jees..J ; then there is a problem.
Illustration story:
A girl was kidnapped some time ago. She was in a commercial bus going on Lagos-Ibadan express way; the kidnaps blew some powder substance and everybody in the bus slept off except this girl.

They took this girl into a thick forest and there was this shrine where they slaughter people. The lady started to pray and the kidnappers begin to get confused and argue with each other, the priest said ; why did you bring this kind of girl? It was not long, a fine jeep got to that shrine ; they brought out a heavily pregnant woman looking very rich and well dressed. They took her into their shrine , cut her stomach open; they brought out the baby; there were some people already waiting that needed a new born baby. They collect the baby and begin to share the parts. When this girl saw this she began to intensify her prayers.
All of a sudden the priest felt that some things was going wrong, he rage out and said as from today don’t bring this kind of people here, they are
spoiling our work here. Don’t let her blood touch the ground of this place take her away from here at once. Then the kidnappers took the girl out. While they were going out, some other people brought another bus and it was filled with people. The people that brought them collected fifty thousand Naira person and they killed all of them. Some of the men they killed were wearing suit, some carrying bible. It shows that some of them may be pastors , workers or people coming from church.
This people have become causalities because of Powerlessness.
Decree this to yourself:
I shall not become a casualty, by the power in the blood of Jesus
You can become a casualty if you are powerless; this is the reason why you need to possess the power of God.
Samson; was a man of power. One day Delilah came and wasted him.
What are the Power Killers ?
 1.    Inability to recognize the change of enemies
When you cannot detect that the enemy has change its strategy against you.

Illustration story:
America has got fought many wars and came out victorious. One day they were faced with Vietnam, it was a huge disaster; over 30 thousand died.
America had full weapon and armories. They were more than prepare for the war. They had full load of ground armies but they did not know that their enemies had adopted a new strategy.

When America got to the battle ground fully equipped with their weaponry, they could not even locate their enemies. The Vietnam soldiers had adopted a strategy of hiding inside the water , hanging on the trees , attacking when the Americans were asleep.

The American could not understand their strategy therefore there lost greatly with lots of casualties.

Such is the case of Samson.
Samson  had been going from success to success.

He was going from victory to victory.

As long as he performed his responsibilities, Israel slept well at night.
He dealt with the armies of the philistines.
One day the battle changed.
The battle changed from the one was used to; where he destroyed his enemies with ease ,But Samson did not recognize.
Within they breast of Delilah was his huge defeat.

During this period, Samson was still feared outside but inside, he was diminishing and being drained gradually.
Samson did not know there was a new Enemy.

  ü That New Boy-friend/Girl-friend.
  ü That New Man-friend/Girl-friend.
  ü That New bad friend.
  ü That New Habit.
  ü Thant New Cigarette Smoking.
They are all New enemies; if it better you know now and don’t be like Samson.
Samson was also warned like this;
He ignored them
He Shunned instructions.
You cannot sleep on the laps of Delilah and wake up on the chest of father Abraham.
The small and little things can be destructive.
It is not the big sin but small !small ! Sins that are most dangerous.
The Syrian army could not be conquered by a large army but a small one conquered them because of sin.

Some people will say; it is my mother that is troubling me! So, when the mother dies, they think that is the end.
You should know that the powers of darkness knows how to hand over their cases to other power.
This is the reason while you should get the ultimate power of God.
  1.   Powers limiting my life, die in the name of Jesus.
  2.   Blood Sucking Powers, Suck your blood and die in the name of Jesus.
  3.   Wickedness powers ganging up against me, scatter in seven ways, in the name of Jesus.

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