Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Word: Lessons ! Not to be Experienced.


A lot of people learn the hard way. This is not because they were not warned previously guarded aright but many enjoy experiencing the consequences of their action before learning the lesson therein.

"Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.” {Prov 9:9}
There is a Statement:
“Experience is the Best Teacher”

This statement is not very correct; the real statement should be;
“Experience is the Best Teacher for a Fool”

There are some lessons that are better not experienced and there are some lessons that one might not survive to learn the lessons.
The experience you want to gather, you may not live to learn anything from it.
For example; You say you want to jump from a 7-storey building to see how it feels; you may not survive to tell the experience.

OR, someone takes a bottle of acid, let me drink this acid and experience what it feels like, will not live long enough to learn from that experience.

You need to Correct yourself from the mistakes of others.

The mistakes that others have made don’t make the same mistake.
When you see the path that someone has gone through and the problem that happen as a result of what the person did; Don’t wait to use yourself as an experiment; Don’t do it.

Some will say; it cannot happen to me; I am much wiser; The other person was not smart enough.
If someone has falling in a pit before you don’t fall into the same pit.
The bible at many occasion laid emphasis on: Do Not! Do Not! Do Not! and some of this “Do Not” do not have reasons; It is only better to obey.
For instance the bible says;
Do not put incisions on your body

The bible did not explain why you should not put incision on the body but it says; Do Not!
Do not be in the habit of asking WHY? WHY? WHY? Once the bible gives a commandment, it is better you follow.

Bible Says; Obedience is better that Sacrifice.
"For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.” {Rom 15:4}

It means this things we read in the bible; those mistakes people made in the bible and they got into serious troubles; they were written for our learnings; this is what gives up hope; hope to survive in this world.
Someone says;
History repeats itself; it has to because no one listens to it

If men will listen to history, there is practically what no one is doing that somebody has not done before.
If men will listen to history, then history will not bother to repeat itself; but because people don’t listen, that is why history keeps repeating itself.

You need learn from others and correct your own self from the errors of others so that negative history will not be repeated in your life

v You  know your father had 16 wives, he died a broken and a sorrowful man; You saw the problem that the polygamy caused in the family;
That should be enough to correct you. You have begun to have several girlfriends.
Don’t get into the same mistake of Polygamy.
v You know that your mummy; her mouth used to work 25,000 words per minute and you too you find that your mouth is becoming acidic.
You saw all the trouble that mouth put you mummy into; Learn from that; You don’t repeat what the person has done that has put the person into trouble.
Take the lessons from others and correct yourself so that your don’t experience the consequences.

You know your father; was living in poverty, even with your mother as one wife. When the enemy wanted to deal with your father, he now multiplied his wife upon his poverty.
All the stories that we read in the bible were not just mere stories, they were written so that we get lessons from them and not experience them again.

We read and learnt that:
v Eve listen to the serpent and she got into trouble; You too, you should not listen to any serpent so that you won’t get into trouble.

v Moses got very angry and smote the rock instead of just talking hence he did not enter into the promise land; You to, you control your anger.

v You read of the problem that strange women put Solomon into; when you hear of strange women, you run, you flee!

I Pray for You;
That Experience that will put your destiny into everlasting destruction, you will not experience it, in the name of Jesus.
You should learn and not experience them yourself.
This is the reason that in judgment, nobody will claim that God has been unfair to them.

You that is an expert in giving excuse, there will be not excuse available that day, because God has given us the manual to learn from, you have been provided with hints on how not to fall.
So if you made mistake and fell, it is by your decision.
I pray for you; The enemy that defeated you parents and ancestors easily shall fail over your life in Jesus name. Every opportunities and success you have missed in the past; receive a double fold recovery in the name of Jesus.


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