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Word: Powerful Testimony-Delivered From the Ritualist Den

POWERFUL TESTIMONY: Delivered From the Ritualist Den.

A True life story of a woman that was kidnapped in Ishasi, Ogun state.
 ‘‘On November 27, 2014 I embarked on a journey to Ede. On the eve to that day I had a dream, in that dream I Saw myself in a dark room.

In this dark room, I heard a voice that said I touch the wall and make the room bright; I touched the wall and switched on the electric switch and there was light in the room. Immediately I switched on the light I saw that there was a heavy load about to fall on my head but I waved it and it dropped on the floor, afterwards I heard a voice that said that’s the evil load assigned for me in the coming month that fell off and that happen to be the I intended travelling to Ede.

I dressed up and went out and took a motorcycle in front of my house going to Berger, it was not up to a kilometer that the motorcycle I took stopped to carry another person who happens to be a man, I got down and the man sat in the middle while I sat at his back. When we got to Alagbole River junction, the motorcyclist dropped us and we both went our ways, I took another motorcycle and headed for Berger, I got to Berger and board a vehicle going to Ibadan, it was not up to 10mins that the person we both board the same motorcycle arrived saw me and gave a comment that “ah mummy you are also going to Ibadan”and I replied with a Yes, the man sat at my back and the vehicle started moving.
I noticed that the vehicle wasn't moving that fast; alas we got to Ibadan toll gate and the vehicle couldn't go any further, so we alighted and the owner of the vehicle went on with the repair of the vehicle meanwhile I preceded in boarding a taxi at the toll gate of Ibadan. We were three females in that taxi
and the same man that we were both coming together from Akute joined us as well and sat at the front with the driver cos we the females sat at the back.
When we entered Ibadan, I noticed the driver moved on and passed through ‘challenge road’ instead of ‘Iwo road’ but I confronted him that why would he have to take that way because I was going to Ede then he gave me a reply that there was an heavy traffic on the road that is why he want to make use of this route as a bypass to Ede then I replied him again that it is not possible for him to take me to challenge before going to Ede because he was meant to pass through Iwo road . I noticed I was the only one talking in the vehicle because the rest kept quite so I kept quite too.
As we were going, I notice a place called ‘Apata’, and then I remembered that ah! This is Apata because I have a sibling there.  I wanted to talk again to challenge the driver that he was passing through challenge and why are they now at Apata? Then I noticed I could no longer talk nor could move my hands. I also wanted to complain to the people at my side then I saw them fast asleep. I tried talking to the person that we came together from Akute but I noticed I still couldn't talk.  Afterwards, I heard the driver telling the other man that [wo eyin, Oja re, ko ma sun] ‘behold your market is not sleeping’.
I was frightened by that and said market! I looked around again and noticed I was the only one not sleeping then I started calling ‘‘blood of Jesus!! Eeh! I have entered into it’’ They turned back and our eyes were covered with a red clothes’ I heard the man that we were both coming together from Akute telling the driver that “we have gotten her, she is an amen amen, when we get there and her head is being cut off I will know what will become of her at least she can’t do anything
When we eventually opened our eyes, it was about 20mins that I could see properly but I noticed that the others have woken up. Afterwards we were all undressed, they tied a white wrapper round us and they started to shave our hair; after shaving off the hair on the head, they labeled it with each person’s name and the hair was taken inside but that was not the hair that was needed; the natural hair was the one needed.
After a while, they brought out a liquid substance which looked like very thick Lipton tea for us to drink but I rejected it and shook it off to the ground. Then I was hit on my two hip side with a very big stick but alas I didn't feel it;  eventually I was given the liquid substance  to drink but as I was drinking it I was saying ‘I drink the blood of Jesus’.
Immediately I said that in my mind someone shouted and said if I should hear you call that name again I will make sure I destroy all your bones, before we eventually kill you here’; When that person finished talking and I have finished the liquid substance, I noticed that the others were already falling asleep and lying on the ground.  As they were lying down, their heads were being cut off and their neck was placed in a bowl; I saw the blood flowing from the neck into the bowl.  

After the collection of this blood in the bowl, there were some medical doctors testing the blood. The doctors were four in number; after testing the
blood, the blood was transferred into some drums as there were three big drums available; the blood testing determines where they poured the blood. 
I was watching the way they killed the 1st, 2ndand the 3rd person; I also watched the two women that we were brought in there together were also killed.  Then their body parts was being separated i.e. the hands, legs, were being cut at the joints, when it remains only the main body the chest is being torn apart, the heart is ripped out and put in a place.
When it got to my turn, I saw the man that we were both coming from Akute, putting his hands in his pocket and brought out his cell phone; he was making a call and was bouncing as he was talking to the person on the cell phone but I couldn't hear his conversation.
Just moments before they got to me, behold a very big and expensive jeep
came in with brought in a pregnant woman; I noticed that this woman was shedding tears and also she could not talk.
They did to her everything that they did to us; shaved her hair, gave her concoction to drink. I saw that the pregnant woman had on her head, an expensive weapon of about =N=35,000 at that time I was into hair dressing. Also, Her  cloth attire  was expensive, I even thought that the jeep that brought her could be her husband ; but later I heard that the person who wants to use her has been in that camp for the past  3 days ‘cos I spent like 2 days in the camp [ Thursday and Friday].

Not quite long, the pregnant woman, also started to sleep, then then people that were supposed to work on me rushed to her, lie her down and started to operate on her.
Her womb was cut open and the foetus there was brought out, thrown into a mortar and the foetus was pounded; as they were pounding the foetus they were throwing some leaves into it and pounding it together and also chanting some incantations with it.  When I saw this absurd event, I did not know what came upon me, I noticed I was passing out blood, instead on urination; it was a forceful menstruation.
These men saw me and begin to laugh, saying to one another; ‘look at your neighbor a coward’.  Not too long, after the men finished working on the pregnant women, they came to me to start work on me.
Immediately, as they lay hands on me to begin the cutting of my natural hair, I remembered a prayer point in which my general overseer asked us in the church to pray some months back saying I shall not be used as sacrifice nor be a sacrifice’’ I prayed this prayer for 3 good times in my mind without altering a word.
As they wanted to use the knife to cut off my hair the chief priest came out and shouted: [EWO!!!]ABOMINATION!!! Who brought this abomination here? Where did you find this abomination?  Oya oya ! As he was saying this he faced the driver of the car because he doesn't know the man that we both came together from Akute. The chief priest asked the driver: who brought this woman? Where did you see this woman? A spy? The driver answered the chief priest and said he is not a spy; he is also in this business from Lagos. The driver also said: I only have two market of my own (i.e. I brought two people) and I have been paid for the two people the sum of =N=100,000 that is #50,000 for each soul.
Now the chief priest faced this man that we both came together from Akute; He asked the man from Akute:  who asked you to bring this woman? He assured the man that I was already a dead being because there I have been given poison, so there is no way I will reveal the secret. The man from Akute said: ‘‘no o! I can’t’! I can’t reveal who ask me to bring you here’ he then dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a picture and asked me that “are you not the one here’? I have been pursing you for the past 3 years, because your life has been paid for.; I even went to your house but did not get you.  The man tried to hit me but the chief priest didn’t allow him; the chief priest told him, not to waste his time that he should answer the simple question. As the Akute man was been questioned, he was getting
infuriated the more and was asking:
 “Why is it that her blood is not usable?  Why can’t she be killed?” He later said that all he knows is that before December 25th, 2014 I must be killed and he kept on ranting.

Also the chief priest got angry and told him again to tell me who asked him to bring me there and he insisted that NO! He said he can’t cos the person that sent him has both gotten into a blood covenant so instead of him telling, he would prefer to die.
In that in that camp whatever one confess with his or her mouth is what is been done; the driver immediately begin to tap his feet to alert this Akute man, saying ‘ah this one does not know what he his saying’
At this point, the chief priest was so angry; He raised his hand; I thought he wanted to slap him but alas it was his head that was been cut off, his head rolled on the floor and his blood begin to flow.
That was how trouble started in that camp; There were four elderly women there who used to separate the body parts; cut it to pieces, wash the flesh, cook them; they even make suya with them, fry them, cook stew and pepper soup with them, and even make pepper soup with them.
This is because they have started their own Christmas celebration right from October; I also saw big vehicles and big people coming into that camp and that eat the garnished human flesh. I believed it was to increase their money.

Throughout the time I was there because I noticed I spent two days at that camp and there was neither night nor day.  It was after I left there I discovered I have spent two days there because I left there 12:00am on Friday night. 
Before I was taken away I was taken to one woman there called ‘Iya Adan’, she asked me of my church then I told her I attend MFM [Mountain of fire and miracle ministries], the old woman there said she doesn't know the church because she has been brought to that camp since when she was 18 years of age and now she is 68 years of age [She has lived there for 50 years].
As the old woman was talking to me the chief priest came out and told her, why is she talking to me; that does she want their secret to leak into my hands.  The old woman replied that ah someone we gave poison that didn't sleep, neither fall nor die’’. The chief priest asked them to throw me out but the iya adan told him that I should not be thrown out that; what if I regain my consciousness and I show people the camp; don’t they know that they would be danger? So the chief priest replied and said ‘that was well said’ I was retained and the chief priest said ‘that those customer-agents bringing other victims will her take out’. God was so mighty and showed me favour, it was this iya adan that told me that those who will come to carry you wouldn't not carry people and let them go because they use to kill people; they either strangled or do something else.
She said; the only condition that would make them leave you is only if you have cash on you and I told the old woman that I have enough cash on me. Later one of the doctors came to me and said he wanted to check my blood and know why I could not be used; the chief priest shouted and said; if her blood should touch the ground of this shrine, I will cut off your neck myself! Not too long a long vehicle {Luxurious Bus} came in and brought
40 people alongside ;
I saw two men look like pastors as they were also carrying bibles; that same day, it was in my presence that all the forty people slaughtered and taken care off.

The people who brought them went to enjoy themselves and came back and blindfolded me again and took me out of that camp in their bus, since I was not useful. While we were going, they asked me why I could not be used; they said you must be strong and powerful’ they later asked me how much I had on me and I told them I have =N=11,000. They took my purse and checked it by themselves, took =N=10,000 and gave me the remaining =N=1,000 and said to me; you might be lucky to see motorcycle to carry you. Later the driver asked them to throw me away out of his vehicle and the others said ‘ah no o! this one that they call amen amen!’ They advised one another that they should not throw me down so that their own lives too won’t be in danger, so they slowed down and dropped me and gave me back my luggage.
I was dropped at the road side near the bush, there moving vehicles on the road as one of my hands and my leg was on the road but I could not move them so I lay there. Where I lay, I was relieved that at least I was no longer in the camp of the killers, I then dozed off.
The next thing I remembered is that I found myself in Lagos inside my house. I entered my compound without opening the gate, and then I was thinking that I died? I went to meet husband I tried talking to him but he didn't reply me; I touched him but he couldn't feel it.  I went to my children’s room but they couldn't see me to the extent that when I wanted to lay my hand on my son’s head I almost got to his brain I quickly withdrew my hand . I then went to my kitchen to prepare food but I was not able to eat it so I went into my room to sleep.
All of a sudden, I heard that voice “Get up from there, your body is t Ibadan, go back to your body now” It was then that I realized that I was actually dead; it was the grace of God that resurrected me. I entered into my body back and that was when I became conscious on that roadside. 
It was 6 am in the morning, I still could not move and I saw this vehicle with a couple inside, coming towards my direction. They stopped the vehicle, the woman said to her husband: “let us help this woman, she may be victim of kidnappers” the husband replied; “do you want to implicate me, what if she dies in the vehicle” {I was hearing their argument from where I laid}
The woman pleaded and they finally carried me. They took me to their church, it was here that they asked me some question about my identity but I could not talk. I was given a biro and paper where I wrote my husband’s phone number and also my sibling’s phone number. 

They called all of them and they all came quickly.

This is how I was rescued from the kidnappers and Ritualist; from the clutches of death!


Victoria Olayinka
Mfm Ishasi Region.

You have heard the testimony; it is from the direct source. The woman was going to a mountain at “Ede”; we should not be slaves to mountains. There is not a place you cannot communicate to God. Many people move from mountain ekoyi, manure, mountain this, mountain that! let us be careful so that it does not become a snare unto us.
There are many of these Ritualist den in this county and the shedding of blood is too much. This does not help the nation at all because God hates the shedding of blood.
We need to pray to scatter very Ritualist den. Read this three Psalms; Psalm 2, Psalm 27, Psalm 91.
You see for yourself that the scripture that say “Stop them before they stop you” is relevant here.
Bible scriptures says; In the year king Uzziah died, it was then that Isaiah saw the lord
Until Elijah has slathered the 850 prophet of Baal, there was no rain upon the land.
Some powers have to die, if not, they will destroy.

Pray these Prayers Powerfully:
   1.   Powers! working against my prayers, die, in the name of Jesus.
  2.   Domestic witchcraft, assigned to sacrifice my life die, in the name of Jesus.
   3.   Any evil umbrella, covering my head, Roast in the name of Jesus.
They have been targeting and following this woman for 3 years and she did not know.
   4.   Evil Follow-Follow power, hear the word of the lord, Destroy yourself in the name of Jesus.
They hired that man from Akute against that sister.
   5.   Powers hired to curse me, die in my place, in the name of Jesus.
Sing this song 7ce:
O lord my God Arise, Let my Pursuers flee
Into the desert today, let my pursuers flee.
The bible says; He has blotted out the handwriting that was against us.
   6.   I cancel my name from the register of Satan, by the power in the blood of Jesus.
   7.   Powers! Assign to use me as a sacrifice, die in the name of Jesus. {Pray 3ce}
Thou shall decree a thing and it shallbe established {not it may be established}
   8.   I set ablaze! Every camp of Ritualist, in the name of Jesus
   9.   In the very camp that captured our sister, let angels of destruction visit them now! in the name of Jesus
Bible says; say ye to the righteous that; it shall be well with him and to the wicked, it shall be ill with him. {It is not any man that said so but it is the bible}
10.      Let the wickedness of the wicked, Expire in the name of Jesus.
The sister said; they dismember the bodies and made suya and pepper soup with eat. Then you have some people visiting the place to eat it just to get richer.
No wonder the bible said, they that want to eat you flesh shall eat their flesh and they that want to drink their blood shall drink their own blood until they be drunken with it.
11.  Eaters of flesh, drinkers of blood in Nigeria, Destroy yourselves in the name of Jesus.
The sister also told me that, some of the people that come there to eat human suya and pepper soup had pastoral collar and some imams and all kind of religious people.
I pray that we will not fall in the hand of such evil pastors and leaders. We don’t need to jump from pastor to pastor.
The pregnant woman might even be a Christian but she might have created a ladder by the weave-on on her head.
I pray:
May you not create a ladder that will destroy you in the name of Jesus.
Remember that out of the forty people for slaughter, there were two people carrying bible. Although, they carried the bible but the bible did not carry them; they slathered them to Heaven showed no interest; heaven that said; touch no my anointed and do my prophet no harm, heaven kept quiet and allowed them to be slaughtered.
12.  Anything in my life, assigned to disgrace me, die in the name of Jesus.
The woman also forgot to mention this that; After the incident, prayers were made for her and she vomited for hours. She vomited the several poisoned she had swallowed. She then slept for hours; from mid-day on Saturday till 6am on Sunday, after she had vomited those things.
13.  Spiritual Poisons in in my body, what are you waiting for, die in the name of Jesus.
Remember also, that woman actually died, it was her spirit that went back home. She didn't open the gate, she walked inside, she didn't open the door, she walked inside, she touched her husband and he didn't feel it, her children to did not feel her touch; meaning that, a person can be touched by a spirit and you don’t know its touching you. A spirit can enter your house and even be sleeping there , you just don’t know. When she laid hands on her son and the hand wanted to touch the brains, she quickly withdrew her hands not to damage his brain; meaning to spirit they have access to all part of the body. This makes it easy for evil spirit to be able to do evil to the body, turn baby inside the womb, punch the breast, put hole in the intestine; just by putting hands.
She actually died but then the resurrection power of God brought her back to her body. 
14.         Power of Resurrection! Envelope my body in the name of Jesus.
This testimony demonstrate our common message; Destiny Helpers. The woman told her husband; help this lady . Help Her !!! She is a destiny helper to this lady. Your destiny helpers must also arise and speak for you in Jesus name.
  15.    My Destiny Helpers, where are you, Appear in the name of Jesus
   A Seven Fold Amen !
Amen ! Amen ! Amen ! Amen ! Amen ! Amen ! Amen !


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