Monday, 12 January 2015

Open Letter To Loose Ladies


Ladies, if God should allow Eve to come back to this Earth, she will be disappointed in you.
The way you live your life everyday in the name of love.
Guys are changing you everyday like they change their underwear’s.
They have turned you into a public toilet where they drop off their dirty clothes.
You call that love? You must be insane.
He buys you all sort of things and promises you heaven and earth just to get your back on his bed.
You call that love? I pity your life.
You are just a good example of a matured monkey.
Men freak you with sweet words because they know that your brain is not more than that of mosquito.
See the way you dress, just because you want to attract men.
Do you think a God-fearing man will approach you in this shameless rags you call cloth?
You must be joking!
Only guys that will play with your heart will come to you.
Wait oo!
Do you need a prophet to tell you that the guy who approached you on the street is just a playboy?
He is only interested in banging you on the bed and dumping you.
If the only way you want to celebrate is by having many boyfriends, I tell you they will soon announce your obituary.
If all you can do is to sleep with guys who you are not married to, then it means you are nothing but a military dog.
You lost your virginity which is your glory to a guy who asked you to prove that you love him.
Can you still remember the bed on which you lost your virginity?
Because of money, shame on you.
They say you even follow your fathers mate and call them sugar daddy.
Just because of material things, you keep losing your destiny.
Let me tell you; you are a waste to your generation.
Guys who are restless use you to control their hormones.
Let me tell you, your brain has totally divorced your head.
A real guy will never ask you for sex in a relationship before marriage.
Because he will surely hate you for that,
 No wonder marriages no longer work out.
It is your type that cries in church, appear to be holy on Facebook and other social media.
But you are very loose, destruction awaits you.
You are even a chorister in your church, you sing just like an angel does but your life is like that of a dog outside the church.
You are only acting as a borrowed vessel.
Your hell fire is not contested.
Now let me ask you.
How many of your boyfriends have married you?
The best they can do behind you is to mock you and make jest of you.
You say all guys are the same; who asked you to try all guys?
Are you a prostitute?
Please, learn how to control yourself.
Control your womb.
Your womb is not a toilet where guys can urinate anytime they like.
Be wise so that you will not be destroyed.
If you go to church and all these description fits you; then you are not a true child of God.
You are just going to church to fill the benches.


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