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Word: Connecting with the God of Fire

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries.
Sermon Date: Wednesday, 7 January, 2015
Manna Water Service@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.

 The greatest thing that can happen to a person is to encounter the God of fire. No one encounters God and be the same because our God is an awesome God.

When you come to God, you must expect great things from a great God.
There are different ways you can encounter God.
 When you encounter God as:
 v The God of Abraham; then those who curse you are cursed, those who bless you are blessed.
You will experience what God can do with faithfulness and faith.
I pray for you:
May you encounter the God of Abraham in the name of Jesus.
 v The God of Isaac; you experience God as the one who keeps promise. you experience the God of laughter.
I pray for you:
You shall encounter the God of Isaac; you shall experience laughter in the name of Jesus.
 v God as God of Jacob; then you will experience God as the one that changes destines; that respect spiritual wrestlers
 v God as Jehovah Shammah; then you encounter God as the one who is always there.

 v  God as Jehovah Shalom; then you encounter the God who gives peace that passeth understanding.
 v God as Jehovah Jireh; then you encounter the God as a provider.
 v God as Jehovah Nissi; then you encounter the God as He who gives victory.
 v God as Jehovah Rapha; then you encounter the God as the healer.
I pray for you:
You shall encounter God as Jehovah Rapha in the name of Jesus.
 v God as Jehovah Raah; then you encounter the God as a shepherd.
 v  God as “I am that I am”; then you encounter the God as the one that says you should add all your problems together; I am more than the solution.
 v God as the El Shaddai; then you encounter the God that is more than sufficient.
 v God as the God of Fire; it is a different thing entirely.
I pray for you;
You shall encounter the God of Fire in the name of Jesus.
“For our God is a consuming fire.” {Heb 12:29}
It means that God is fire; He is a different kind of Fire; He is a Consuming Fire.
What does Consuming means?
 ü To Destroy
 ü Waste
 ü Make useless
This means that there its fire in the spirit realm and that fire in the spirit realm can consume anything also.
Whether it is witchcraft coven, meeting in the water, plantation of infirmity, the fire present in the spirit realm; which is God himself is able to consume them.
I pray for you;
You shall encounter the God of Fire in the name of Jesus.

“Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire” {Psalm 104:4}
That prayer song is very relevant;
Turn me to fire, Turn me to fire, Turn me to fire O lord, in the name of Jesus.
God can turn you to fire in the spirit realm and nobody toils with fire.
 “John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:”{Luke 3:16}
That God of Fire is also what we call in MFM, the God of Elijah. The God that answereth by fire.
When the voices of demotion came to Elijah; come down; Elijah says; I refuse to come down, instead of me to come down, let fire come down; and fire came down and roasted them.
I pray for you:
Every voice of demotion saying you should come down; let fire consume them
Those powers were asking Elijah; where is your God. Elijah rough handled demons in his time. He mocked them, made them cry for mercy. Elijah created sleepless night for wicked rulers because he served a God of Fire.

Fire! You need to respect fire, if you transgress its laws, it will burn you. Fire is hot; its power can destroy anything. Fire is amazing
Fire has being around since creation, when Adam and Eve was driven out of Eden, the bible talked about the flaming sword.
Fire is something in the spirit realm that is used when all means of separation have failed.
 Ø Fire is not to be toiled or played with.
 Ø Fire burns. Fire is Powerful.
 Ø Fire has penetrating Power. Fire is aggressive and militant.
 Ø Fire has not respect; when you throw fire into the forest, it does not discriminate between the elephant and the ant; it consumes all.
 Ø Fire is focused.
 Ø Fire is hot and makes no compromise.
 Ø Fire is very confrontational.
 Ø Fire has dominion power.
 Ø Fire does not respect any law; does not fit in to solid or liquid, it does not obey the law of matter or of gravitation.
 Ø Fire melts down and separates.
I pray for you:
You shall encounter the God of fire in the name of Jesus
How to Connect with the God of Fire
   1.   Become the friend of the God of Fire by surrendering your life to him.
   2.   You need to call upon him. {whoever ask shall receive}
Illustration Story
Some years ago, in a village here in Nigeria, they have this idol they worship. This idol must be given a wife, they usually consult the oracle and whoever the oracle picks shall become the wife. Once the wife is chosen ,
she can’t marry again not have children, that is why she will be till she dies, in the house of the Idol. The women don’t last long because they just remain in the house of the idol but immediately they die, they consult the oracle and pick another wife.
One year, they consulted the oracle; the oracle now makes an holy mistake by picking a sister in Lagos. They went to the family to threaten them to bring their daughter, if not they will cause and ban the family out the village. The family now raised some people to go and beg the sister in Lagos. They got to this sister and after they finished speaking in proverbs, they now said; the idol has picked you and you have to follow us to the village to become the wife of the idol. If you don’t come they will deal with our family in that village. The sister did not cry or panic as even the family was already crying for her. The sister told them not to cry that
that she will follow them and they should give her 3 days; the family was so excited. The sister has already encountered the God of fire; she went on a 3-day fast ask God for power; the third day she followed them. On getting to the village, they did their ceremonies, they said idol, as we have brought your wife, let us prosper, let our farm produce increase ; they locked her up in the idol’s house and went away. The sister looked at this idol, wooden like and she said; “I call on the Consuming Fire of the God of  Elijah to Consume You” Immediately there was thunder and fire came down and consumed the idol , the idol was destroyed to pieces on the floor. When the villagers saw the pandemonium in the shrine, they ran inside and saw the idol in pieces on the floor, they ran away. The sister ran after them, they told the sister , it is you we are running for, because of the power you used to destroy our idol. The sister told them that since there is no idol, can she return back to Lagos; they released her. That was the end of that idol.
Agenda of Water of Fire
   1.   To Kill Infirmity
   2.   To Sweep away every bad luck
   3.   Serve as divine immunity for your body
   4.   Wash arrow every evil arrow fired against you.
   5.   Cause the resurrection  power of the lord Jesus into your body
   6.   To terrorize disgrace and scatter environmental witchcraft.
   7.   To make you poses your possession.

O Lord, Turn me to Fire!
Prayer Points
   1.   O Lord my God, Turn me to Fire in the name of Jesus.
   2.   Fire of God, Sanitize my Body in the name of Jesus.
   3.   Fire of God, poses my spirit and soul and body in the name of Jesus.
   4.   Every anti-fire in my life, Die ! In the name of Jesus.
   5.   Serpent of my father’s house, Die! In the name of Jesus.
   6.   Power of the grave of my father’s house, Die! in the name of Jesus.
   7.   O womb of 2015, hear the word of the lord, Deliver my breakthrough in the name of Jesus
You are favored today in the name of jesus

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