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Word:Sermons usually ignored by Young Ladies {Part1}

Sermons usually ignored by Young Ladies {Part 1}

I found this topic being discussed and taught it is something I ought to expansiate on. I have met many young people and mostly single ladies. There are a lot of instructions that are been passed to this group of young people; both in the churches, home and environments; but unfortunately, this instructions don’t sink don’t into them; though they hear, they don’t accept. Most times, this people are pastors and ministers children; they are people that you expect them to know the truth. I have come across most of these people that have been good girls and Christians at home but when they get to school; there will be a turnaround transformation; this people will tell you; YES! I can now see! God is not that hard.

Let us highlight some of this instructions and sermons that are so hard for ladies to accept.
SERMON 1:  Don’t have a boyfriend.

This is a big one for young ladies; especially the ones in the higher institution. A very tough sermon indeed. Most youths are been counseled not to have a boyfriend until they are ready for marriage.
This is most time difficult for them to accept this, because of distractions from their friends, school system, environments, movies and even families.
My Counsel: As a child of God, you are not supposed have anything to do with boyfriend or girlfriend.
What is boyfriend or girlfriend relationship?  
Ø Boyfriend/Girlfriend is not a scriptural relationship; Bible recognizes life partner.
Ø This is a relationship of marriage mirage testing
Ø This is trial and error relationships that most times do not last. Average lasting time of boyfriend or girlfriend relationship is a three month; approximately, a semester.
Ø This is a relationship that has destroyed a lot of destinies and actual marriages.

Ø This is a relationship that has sent a lot of ladies to the psychiatric home.
Ø This is a relationship that has created several children without a father.
Ø This relationship is one that does not have a binding security or guarantee.
Ø It is one that attracts fear of been jilted.

Ø It is a relationship where you have several legal competitors.
Ø It is a relationship creates torments.

Ø It is a relationship that lays a wrong template that you will get used too, in the real marriage.
Ø It is a relationship of God does not support.
. . . . . .And many more definitions can be attached to this enticing dreaded relationship.

Biblical Stand  
"And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." {Gen 2:18}
The reason for marriage is very clear. Any lady should not be seeking boyfriend but a life partner.
As a young girl, there is time for everything; the sequence should be:    GOD ð DESTINY ð PARTNER.
A young lady should first seek God, know the ways of God, work for God and understand how to hear from God. After you have sought God, Discover your destiny; you don’t have to be a burden to your husband; Go to school, study , if possible, start work; Know what God has brought you into this world for. During this processed you should be praying for you partner, don’t wait till you are 30; start now.  Also you should know that before you think of marriage; you need to be matured; physically (Age), Spiritually, Mentally, Socially.
For more information; get the tape or Book: Choosing your life partner - D.K Olukoya. Contact mfm bookshop on: 08023922548, 08028392756,080 2736654.
SERMON 2:  Don’t Allow A Guy You Are Dating Hug You.

Haaaaaa! many young ladies don’t not like to hear this Then you will ask? How does he show his emotions; how will we know we are connecting with each other.
My Counsel: As a child of God, you should not be dating! BUT you can go on a date with you partner. (Hoping, you are in your courtship period, which should not take too long before marriage)

A Christian lady on a date should discuss with her partner ahead; to set rules, such as not hugs, kisses, pecking, necking, romance.
All these things can actually be a ladder the devil will use to attack you.
NOTE THIS: You are not a Machine; you are Human Being who has blood running in your vein; you have what is called hormones.
These hormones have no respect for your spiritual strength, your statue or you tongues speaking; the only recipe to this is not letting the hormones into action; No man is a giant.  The hugs and romance could trigger the hormones and even if nothing happens you will begin to pollute your thoughts and imaginations.
Don’t set the Fire, which you will not be able to handle.
SERMON 3:  Do Not Visit Any Guy You Are Not Married To.

Most marriage committee of a church will counsel you not to visit your fiancée. They usually urge that the meeting be in church, eatery, or when a third party will be present, else they should not go at all.
My Counsel: From my experience so far; some of these rules been set are not necessarily sin; they are been made rules to guide us from falling. Your friend might not follow the rule, escapes the repercussion; you might be unfortunate and suffer the repercussion.
Illustration story
One sister in mfm church said she met one boy and they started talking and became friends.
One day she decided, contrary to our teaching here, to visit the brother in his house. She said when she got there; the boy that claims he was born again, she was coming from church; the boy was coming from church. Instead of the brother asking; how was service today? Immediately she sat down, the first question he asked was, what she wanted to drink, she said, just water; he brought water. The next thing the brother brought out was a condom; the person that is visiting for the first time.
The sister quickly ran out. She might not be that fortunate.
Illustration story
There is this movie of the mount Zion ministry title “Just A Little Sin”. 
A fervent sister was courting a fervent brother in the same church. They had just about two weeks to their wedding, the sister wanted to collect something in the brother’s house when it was late. Just within a twinkle of an eye, something that they never planned before happen; they both committed fornication. That single act led them to lies, manipulation, abortion; they even fell into the hands of the occult and it eventually led to death. Their very bright destiny was cut off; what was the origin of this calamity? The dangerous visit!
Please sisters, don’t trust any opposite sex to start visiting them on your own. The guy doesn't even trust himself, let alone with you.
We will continue this discussion some other time; Ladies are usually on the losing side; please keep your guard. It is well with you in Jesus name.


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