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Word:Sermons usually ignored by Young Ladies {Part2}

Sermons usually ignored by Young Ladies {Part 2}

It has been noticed that there are a lot of young ladies, fervent and serving the lord; when they get to some stages of their life they tend to turn deaf years to some instructions. We are looking at some these instructions they often neglect and give Godly advice on how better to handle them.  This is a continuation of the topic we started yesterday; you can access the part 1 here.

There are a lot of ladies would have been enjoying a happy life and blissful marriage, if they had heeded to this instruction. It is therefore essential for us to enlighten the young sisters so that they will escape the snare of the devil and live a fulfilled and tear-less destiny.
Let us highlight some of this instructions and sermons that are so hard for ladies to accept.

SERMON 4:  Don't Not Consider Dating A Man Who Is Not Born Again.

It is unfortunate that majority of young ladies confess this on their mouth but when they are confronted with the partners that are not born again but have other attributes, they ignore the born-again aspect. A larger percentage of men that get married to our so-called fire-brand Christian sisters are not born-again. These non-born-again brothers will eventually quench the fire in the sisters.

My Counsel: As a child of God, we should have basic things we stand for; we should have a solid some non-negotiable stand about some issues like this. The bible says “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?” {2 Cor 6:14}
This is the scripture’s ground; you cannot not have the devil as a father-in-law and ask God to bless your marriage. Both of you will only be able to fulfil destiny if you are on the same side of God the creator of destinies and marriages.
If your partner is not born-again, then break the relationship and go and pray; this sermon is not negotiable!!!
SERMON 5:  Do Not Open Your Legs For Him. 
Many ladies think they need to give their partners sex in order to keep him. Husbands are scarce so you need to all you can do, all he ask for to secure his stay with you
My Counsel: As a child of God, “Any guy that is asking a sister for sex, regardless of the reasons or excuses; directly or indirectly is not born-again”-D.K Olukoya.   Naturally when a sister gives a man sex without the legal backing (marriage), the sister’s value is diminished at that point. This is the reason a lot of brother dumps the sister after sex with the bother.
"Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." {Heb 13:4}
Marriage is a covenant of blessings, promotion and fruitfulness; once there is sex before marriage, the marriage covenant is defiled. Once the marriage is defiled, the devil usually uses this as a ladder; these sometimes are the cause of marriage failure, demotion, and bareness and so on.
Naturally when there is sexual intercourse between a man and a woman there is fragmentation of the soul to become one. This mean part of the man goes to the woman and vice versa; if this is done before marriage and eventually, the two does not get married, then married to different people; there will be mismatched, scattered and fragmented souls. This usually cause what is called soul ties, this can make you married to one person but seriously longing for another man who probably is also married and longing for you. Ladies, avoid catastrophe for the future and take necessary precautions.

SERMON 6:  Direct your Toaster(s) To Your Pastor.

So many churches demand a lady directs her toaster(s) to the pastor for assessment, that is, when a brother in the church approaches her, she dare not show green light, kindly direct him to your pastor for assessment.  This is usually a tough one for young sisters. I guess every lady will only be willing to inform her pastor when everything is set but advising her to direct her toaster(s) to her pastors is a NO NO for many young ladies.
My Counsel: There are a lot of rules that were instituted from other people’s experience to guide us. It is not a good thing to learn be mistake.
"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints."{1 Cor 14:33}
This rule is to manage the different proposal in the church hold and to guide against fraudster. It helps to solidify the clams and revelation. It is not a good thing that a brother received a sister and another brother also received the same sister.
SERMON 7:  Take A Friend Along When Going To His House.

This sound like the ladies is being protected from having sex with their lovers. Some pastor preaches against going on a visit when he's alone at home because he believes it should be the best measures taken to curb sex before marriage. This is most likely to go through the left ear & pass through the right ear of our ladies grin
My Counsel: You need to have the wisdom of God; work in the spirit.  Do not allow the devil to use anybody to truncate and scatter you beautiful destiny.

SERMON 8:  Do Not Wear Earrings.
Most ladies in churches will change their facial expression when a pastor condemns the use of earring at the expense of salvation. It takes a personal decision to do away with earrings & jewelry. Therefore, preaching against it will not enter the head of our ladies grin.
My Counsel:  Firstly; we should know that every ministry has their foundational covenant. This means there is an agreement between God and the founder of the ministry which all members need to abide to in order to enjoy the benefits. Most people just want to enjoy the prayers, the songs the anointing but not the discipline; they want to do selective obedience, choose the instructions to follow; God sees this as Rebellion.
Secondly; we should learn to know the origin of whatever we do or use. The devil has used a lot of material to cage and damage a lot of people’s life.

SERMON 9:  Do Not Wear Trousers.

This has been a serious debate for a long time. So many ladies don't believe wearing of trousers is a sin because there no Bible verse describing how a man or a woman's garment looks like.
My Counsel:  As a child of God, there should be nothing you should not be able to drop for God. Whatever is a controversy is not worth the risk of dragging you to hell. When you get to heaven and God says; this whole trouser issue is not need , you will still enter into heaven but what if it is an issue; Nothing is worth the risk of hell fire; Please drop all the droppable for the sake of Jesus.

SERMON 10:  Any Attachment To Your Body Is A Sin.

Haaaaaa!!! No weavon, no make-up, no lipstick gloss... 90% of Nigerian ladies will turn deaf ear to such a sermon when they know that is what ignite their beauty grin

My Counsel:  As a child of God, we have said; there is nothing that should be to valuable to drop of the lord Jesus. Jesus because of our sake dropped his honor, glory, comfort and ultimately his life for our sake.

We will discuss the sermons that are peculiar to men latter on this medium; Remain in his Grace & guard your destiny jealously. It is well with you in Jesus name.

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