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Word : Breaking the Covenant that Killeth

Breaking the Covenant that Killeth

Today, we are continuing in the series of foundational problems. We were able to establish in previous messages that a lot of problems enter into people’s life from their root; from their origin; their foundation; their parents; their ancestors; houses that they have lived in the past; friends they have had in the past; and so on. One major source of problems in people’s life is evil covenants. This force is so strong and binding; it should not be neglected because if it is working in anyone’s life it will definitely wreak havoc unless it is address. My people perish for lack of knowledge {Hosea 4:6}. Ignorance of this covenant is not an excuse that it won’t operate in a life that is engaged with.

What is a Covenant?
A covenant is an agreement or contract between two or more people to fulfil some task with conditions attached. This agreement is legally binding on the people involved.
As we have physical covenant/contract, we also have spiritual covenant. A spiritual covenant is much weightier than the physical covenant because it involves spirits (both good and bad). We know the spiritual forces controls the physical, whatever thing is done in the spiritual realm must surely manifest in the physical realm.
An important dangerous fact about covenant is that;
ü A covenant can be made on behalf of a person.
ü A covenant can be positive or negative. (The negative brings a disastrous consequence).
ü A covenant will always operate under its terms which may bring negative consequences; unless address by the power of God.
ü Covenants can be inherited. Many children inherit the covenants made by their parents and ancestor.
ü Knowledge or ignorance of the covenant does not stop its operation.
Sources of Engaging Evil Covenants
There are different forms one could engaging in evil covenants; they are discussed as follows:
1.   Dreams: Dreams are very important in the spiritual realm. It is you spiritual monitor that guides you. This is why it is very dangerous to forget your dreams. Many have entered through different forms of covenant through the dreams. Many evil groups such as witchcraft, occult do their initiation through the dream.

2.   False Churches: Many people have attended some false churches in the past. “Not all churches are churches” Some churches are just an extension of an herbalist workshop. People that worship in such churches will also engage in whatsoever conditions the owner of the church has covenanted; even unconsciously.

3.   Inheritance: Evil covenants can be inherited. Due to the facts that spirits don’t die, the covenants and spirit will continue to operate the evil covenants in the lives of the person’s offspring.

4.   Blood: Blood has life and God reference it a lot. People enter into covenants through the blood. Some go to a witchdoctor to promise each other that they will marry; cut themselves to mix their blood together. Unfortunately if they don’t marry this blood covenants will work against them; even in their marriages.

5.   Spiritual Marriage: A lot of people; men and human have entered into covenants with spirit wives and spirit husbands. Some spiritual spouse even comes to harass their victim physically. Some of their victim will find marriage difficult and even if married, may not be able to conceive.

6.   Evil Contact/Association: It could be dangerous to have intimate association with a person that is operating under evil covenant. Contacts such as evil laying of hand could initiate a person into evil covenants. The bible records issue of transferring blessings through laying of hands in Genesis 48:14, Jacob blessing his children.
7.   Possessed Ring, Jewelries & Attachments: Many people use some materials that have been dedicated to idols; hence the materials are possessed. It is essential to an analysis of the materials you use on your body especially your head. The head is a symbol of your destiny. It is not wise to carry idol dedicated materials on your head in the name of fashion and thereby entering into evil covenants that will affect your destiny.

8.   Family Rituals: A lot of families have rituals they do. Even if you are not in the village, it can still affect you because they are doing it on behalf of the family and you are a member of that family. It is essential that you dissociate yourself by prayers.
9.   Traditional Ceremonies: It is good that we accept that a lot of our local tradition were established on idolatry. Ceremonies like chieftaincy titles is likely to bring in bondage due to the evil covenants.

10.                   Sex: Sex is very important because it has to do with blood. The person that a woman loses her virginity to is very important. This first person creates a covenants with the woman. If they now don’t marry, the covenants will cause problems. Such problems are soul ties to previous partners, marital turbulence and so on.

11.                   Evil Burial: A lot of people have entered into evil covenants due to some ritual sacrifices. Some people do a lot of things when they are in problems; such as constructing coffins, burring pictures. The spiritual implication creates an evil covenants that brings problems in future.
Symptoms of Evil Covenants
v Failure.
v Harassment in the Dream.
v Eating in the Dream
v Masturbation
v Strange voice
v Constant Accident

v Terrifying Dreams
v Attachment to cultural activities
v Anger

v Insomnia
v Addition
v Emotional Instability
v Violent Temper
v Poverty
v Bareness
v Problematic marriages
Way Out of Evil Covenants
Christ had redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse from us” {Gal 3:13}
1.        Repent from every know sins you have committed consciously or unconsciously.
2.   Renounce all the things you have done and forsake them permanently.
3.   You must renounce all those things you have ever done, give them up. Do it with holy anger!

4.   Do spiritual investigation to identify any evil covenant in operation.
5.   Revoke every conscious and unconscious evil covenants. Cancel them all in Jesus name.
6.   Bind the strongman in charge of evil covenants.
7.   Pray violent deliverance prayers to destroy evil covenants.
8.   Replace curses and covenants with Abraham’s blessings.
Prayer Points
1.   I take back all the grounds given to Satan by my ancestors in the name of Jesus.
2.   I curse you spirit enforcing evil covenants in my life and l command you to release me in Jesus name (When you have said it three times, begin to say release me in the name of Jesus Christ).
3.   Let everything that has been transferred into my life, be demonic laying on of hands, loose its hold right now in the name of Jesus.
4.   Let every serpentine poison that has been passed into my life, get out now in the name of Jesus (l flush you out with the blood of Jesus).
5.   Let fire fall on every spirit of death and hell, fashioned against my life in Jesus name.
6.   I break the head and crush the tail of every serpentine spirit in Jesus name.
7.   Let the spiritual bat and spiritual lizards that have been introduced into my life receive the fire of God.
8.   Let the sword of fire begin to cut off every evil parental attachment in the mighty name of Jesus.
9.   Father Lord reveal to me any hidden covenant that the devil might have arranged against me.
10.                   Every tree that the father did not plant in my life be uprooted in the name of Jesus.
11.                   Father Lord, l electrify the ground of this place now and let every covenant with the feet begin to shatter in the name of Jesus.
12.                   Let every hidden covenant break in the mighty name of Jesus!
Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!
2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus


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