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Word : The Power of “NO”

Culled and revised jottings from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 15th March, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters Youth Church, Lagos.
The Power of “NO”

Today’s message is about the force that people (especially young people) have allowed to control their lives negatively just because they can not resist it; because they lack the power to say; “NO

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."{James 4:7}
v Many men are controlled by their penis.

If what you've said that you could control is now controlling your life now, you need to repent today
Hard Facts
Ø It is possible that A man or woman can heads to the Word of God BUT too late.
Ø A wrong choice made early in life may be uncorrectable again till you die.
Ø Living long is a very great privilege that not every can have.
Ø There are things that must happen to you as a youth, if they do not happen to you, your adulthood is not certain.
Ø No one can be young more than once.
I decree in to your life; It will not be too late for you in Jesus' name.
It is this time that you have to make choices.
It is this time that you have to work hard
There is a serious battle going on now in the world against the youth; the battle is to influence their choices

As a young person, this is the time to lay a good foundation for the future.
As a young person, this is time to pitch your tent in the camp of God
A time will come when it will be too late
I pray for you; May you possess the power to shout anointed NO when it is time to say NO in the name of Jesus.
Facts about the Power of “NO”
1.   Resist the devil and he will flee from you.{James 4:7}.
2.   It is not hard to pronounce, but it is often very difficult to say NO.
3.   One of the hardest response is to say NO to resist the devil.
4.   In order to say YES to the right things, you must say NO to the devil.
5.   Moses said NO to Pharaoh.
6.   Jesus said NO to the devil.

7.   Jesus said NO to being made an earthly king.
8.   NO is a short word with a lasting power.
9.   You must avoid one disease to 'Please' people.
10.                   When you should not do something, you simply say NO.
11.                   You do not have to explain yourself than to just say NO.
12.                   How can someone who is in darkness be advising one who is in light.
13.                   All destiny people have 'ignore-list'.
14.                   NO is a concentrated declaration of independence of human soul.
15.                   NO is the depth of the path of reformation.
16.                   NO is the gate of strength.

17.                   NO is the barometer of temperament.
18.                   NO is the true indicator of moral force.
19.                   NO is the most effective automatic safety force device.
20.                   NO has saved the destiny of many.
21.                   NO has kept many young men from drunkenness.
22.                   NO is a thick wall that keeps men from falling
23.                   NO is a thick wall that keeps women from discretion.
24.                   NO is a thick wall that keeps the boys from ruining.
25.                   NO is a thick wall that keeps the girls from shame.

Know this:
ü When the Lord wants you for a purpose, the devil will bring various temptation your way.
ü Inability to say NO when it is necessary has caused tragedy for many.
ü Inability to say NO when it is necessary has caused trouble for many
How Do I Keep myself from falling?
1.   Your must allow your flesh to die.
2.   Avoid all evil influences.
3.   Build your life on the Word of God.
4.   Make daily reading of the Bible your daily meal.
5.   Flee all appearances of evil.
6.   Resist the devil.
7.   Be addicted to prayers; Prayer is the most powerful force that God has deposited on the earth
8.   Be a broken Christian; Brokenness is when God says:
- sit down and you sit down - stand up and you stand up ;
- get up and you get up - speak and you speak ;
- don't eat and you don't eat - fast and you fast.

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Prayer Points
1)   I fire back every arrow of pollution, in the name of Jesus.
2)   Every evil driver, taking over the wheel of your life; I command that power to release you by the power in the blood of Jesus.
3)   Powers assigned to waste my destiny, you are liar, die in the name of Jesus.
4)   By the power in the blood of Jesus, I reject the handwriting of the enemy, in the name of Jesus
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Declare these Confessions to yourself:
1.   My destiny shall move from glory to glory and strength to strength in the name of Jesus.
2.   Where I have been forsaken; I shall be celebrated in the name of Jesus.
3.   My life and destiny shall show fort the glory of God in the name of Jesus.
4.   The peace and Joy of the lord of my strength in the name of Jesus.
5.   I shall arise and shine for my light is come ! in the name of Jesus.
Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!
2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus


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