Thursday, 14 May 2015

Word : Dealing With the Enemies of Praise

Culled and revised jottings from a sermon By Pastor Ladejola of the
Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Wednesday, 13th May, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.
Dealing With the Enemies of Praise

The message for today is enlightenment on the benefit of giving God quality praise. A lot of people would have received their long awaited breakthrough if they have added praises to it. Many have given in to the enemies the devil has assigned against their praises and thereby lost their breakthroughs.  Today God shall open your understanding to praise the more in Jesus Name.

"Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." {Philippians 4:6}
The scriptures say that we don’t have to worry about anything but we should only make your request known, through Thanksgiving.
Ø Prayer and Thanksgiving are together.
Ø Prayers are not completed until it contains its done with Thanksgiving.
Ø Payer warriors should also be known as praise warriors

When you look back at your life, you will see several reasons, why you need to give thanks to God.
A lot of things have happened, many perished have died, and many have gone through accident, various sicknesses. You are here and you have a testimony, praise God.
We need to be thankful, of clothing, nourishing food, shelter, provision, peace and many as toy can think about.
God has helped us this far, so praise him.
A praiseless person is a thoughtless person

If you cast your minds back to when you started then your praise will be bigger because you will see that the lord has been faithful.
You will see you are a debtor of praise to God.
You will give God quality praise.
Many people usually give away the praises that belong to God.
There was a man that had a severe accident and a lot of people marveled about how he was able to survive.
When he was interview on how survived, he told the people that it was the car air bag that saved him from death.

Another person was involved in an accident, a building collapse on him. He was tattooed there for give days.
When he was rescued, the people asked him how he survived, he told them that he is a man that is very determined and he never gives up easily.
They also interviewed his wife and she said that her husband is a very strong man and that is the reason he survived.
Don't throw away the praise of God.

What will Praise do for you?
1.   Quality praise is what brings blessing.
Until you thank God for your present level, you might not get to your next level, or receive the breakthrough you are praying for.
ü Children of Israel were not thankful of the food provided; the God kept them on the same diet for forty years, same blessings for forty years, now new blessings.

ü Jesus had just 2 Fishes and He did not complain but instead, he gave thanks to God.

Because of Thanksgiving, the fishes multiplied.
Whatever you thank god for will definitely multiply
ü Jesus went to tomb of Lazarus, and he gave thanks and the dead Lazarus came back to life.
2.   Giving thanks carry the power of bringing back to life.
3.   What God starts with prayers, He perfects it with Praise
What are Enemies of Praise?
1. Spirit of Heaviness.

2. Too much Familiarity with God

3. Spirit of Pride

I pray; your praise shall receive perfection in the name of Jesus.
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Prayer Points
1.   Father Lord, Give me the spirit of praise at all times in the name of Jesus. 
2.   I receive the grace to grace God even when it is bad, in the name of Jesus.
3.   O lord my father, open my eyes to see your great works in my life.
4.   Powers, pushing me down from praising God, die in the name of Jesus.  
5.   My spirit! Be renewed by fire and begin to praise God in the name of Jesus.
6.   Spirit of ungratefulness in my life, die in the name of Jesus.
7.   I recover all my blessings caged by ungratefulness, in the name of Jesus.
8.   Father Lord, as I praise you today, let my heavens, open! In the name of Jesus.
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Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!
2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus


Hymn: Now thank we all our God
1. Now thank we all our God,
with heart and hands and voices,
who wondrous things has done,
in whom this world rejoices;
who from our mothers' arms
has blessed us on our way
with countless gifts of love,
and still is ours today.

2.   O may this bounteous God
through all our life be near us,
with ever joyful hearts
and blessed peace to cheer us;
and keep us still in grace,
and guide us when perplexed;
and free us from all ills,
in this world and the next.

3.   All praise and thanks to God
the Father now be given;
the Son, and him who reigns
with them in highest heaven;
the one eternal God,
whom earth and heaven adore;
for thus it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.

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