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Word of the Day: Binding the Fainting Spirit

Culled and revised jottings from a sermon from Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan; Assistant Gen. Overseer of the Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 12th July, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.
Binding the Fainting Spirit

There is a power fights against a man to give access to the fainting spirit.  A child of God must be alert always to ensure that the fainting spirit is not working. The fainting spirit is the spirit that makes a man stay at the tail region when he is supposed to be at the top; the man will find it difficult to become who God wants him to become.; This fainting spirit need to be identified and be bound.
Binding the fainting Spirit
"If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small." {Prov 24:10}
There are the key things seen in the scripture
1. There is a day known as the day of adversity. It is the day of the day of attack of the enemy. This is when the enemy comes to attack you directly. This is the day of adversity. Nobody is Immune against it. Even Jesus was also faced with the day of adversity. In this day you must not fail.
The day of adversity of Joseph was the day Potiphar wife said come and lay with me.

May you not fail on in your day of adversity in the name of Jesus.
2. Your spiritual strength is a major player in the day of your adversary
It is not your title, position or your certificate that will deliver you in the day of adversity

"But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,"{Jude 1:20}
You need to build up yourself because of the day of adversary
3. It is totally your responsibility not to allow the fainting spirit to overcome you.
It says; “if thou faint" it means you are the one that will determine whether to faint or not to faint.

In tits days, it is now becoming more difficult to live a life of God
The reason is in the scriptural
"And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." {Matt 24:12}
Iniquity is higher than sin.
Ø Iniquity is so great and destroys the soul; Let him that fears the lord, depart from iniquity. There have to be a conscious departure from iniquity
There are eight words the Bible used to describe something God does not like;
v Abomination;
v Transgression.
v Trespasses.
v Evil.
v Wickedness.
v Unrighteousness.
v Sin
v Iniquity
Sin was not found in Satan but iniquity was found in him.
Iniquity is the anti-nature of God
Ø You need to locate the iniquity you are born with and deal with it.
David says; “I was shapen in iniquity”
Ø Sin is outside the body while iniquity is within.
Ø To remove sin, confess, inquiry purge by the blood and the fire of the hooky ghost
People that Committed Iniquity in the Bible
Esau committed a great iniquity.
Esau was overcome by the fainting spirit therefore he satisfied the iniquity in him.
He sold his birth right, he despised his birth right; He sold the virtue that God deposited in him.

He committed iniquity by disregarding the virtue God gave him.
Iniquity is to Disregarding the treasure God has planted in you.
Iniquity prospers on the platform of the fainting spirit.
What does it mean to faint?
12 Reasons are below:
1. To experience dullness
2. Lack distinctiveness
3. Become dim.
4. To leak strength
5. Void of loudness
6. To make feeble. No impact. Effort is not felt.
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Many people have enters into serious bondage because they have not been conscious with their environment
Your environment can cripple your spiritual life
God gave Abraham series of promises of blessings but the make condition to fulfill the promise is to depart from the strange environment he was residing in.
If Abraham did not depart from that environment; he would have not gotten those blessings.
Your environment
-         Can cage your life.
-         Can limit potential.
-         Can Rob you of your goodness
-         Can give enemy power over your life.
-         Can tie down your glorious freedom.
-         Can make you Victim of satanic attack
-         Can make voice not to be heard.

John the Baptist was in the wilderness and his voice were heard but when he moved from the wilderness to the city, he was captured and eventually killed.
Your environment can terminate your destiny.
Where are the strange environments?
Strange environment can be the following:
-         -  The environment you live.
-        -  Your house
-         -  Your workplace.
-         -  Some kind of churches.
-         -  Cleaving to some friends.
God is everywhere but its presence its nut everywhere
God is powerful but He will not manifest his per everywhere.
When they brought a blind man to Jesus, He had to take the man from that embodiment before healing him.
Even after the healing Jesus cautioned the men not to go back to that environment
15 Dangerous experience of person in a wrong environment
1. Deafness to the still calm voice
2. Deep oppression
3. Evil meditation
4. Plenty effort but little result
5. Zero desire to pray and fast
6. Easily fall into temptation
7. Misfired Anger
8. Satanic assaults. Dream attack wild be rampant.
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The bible says; “Arise and shine” No one can arise and shine when he its bring bound by the fainting
To allow the fainting sprit in your life means the following:
v To eat the bread of sorrow.
v Living outside divine schedule.
v Abandoning the head for tail.
v Aim at nothing in life and catch nothing.
v To throw the net of your life into the wrong sea.
v Learn nothing from your mistakes, which now becomes error.
v Talented but no success.
v Do so many things but nothing to show.
v Sit for examination that is not needed for your destiny.
8 Signs of the Fainting Spirit in Place
1.    Going back to abandoned sin.
2.    Easily lie without difficulty.
3.    Find it difficult to give sacrificially to God.
4.    Find it very hard to forgive.
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How to bind the fainting Spirit
1.    Realize that your need help.
2.    Consciously arise and fight this demon.
3.    Prayerfully cast it out of your life.
4.    Barricade your life do that there will be no re-entry.
5.    Receive fresh fire from above.

The major tragedy of the fainting spirit is to make a person to become a candidate of hell fire.
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