Friday, 20 November 2015

Sermon Jotter Anniversary: About Sermon Jotter


Sermon Jotter

 About Sermon Jotter
Sermon Jotters Group is a group formed by the inspiration of the almighty to operate core rugged internet evangelism. This group is interdenominational as we have people from various churches; this is to reach out to more people.

Aims & Objectives of Sermon Jotters
1.     To Evangelize and promote Christ Jesus to the whole world through technology.
2.     To cultivate the habit young and old people to read a-message-per-day in order to daily feed their spirit man.
3.     To reach out the broken hearted and people that needs advice and counselling.
4.     To intercede on behalf of people that needs prayer through constant prayers on prayer requests.
5.     To Enlightening people on the plain and raw truth in the word by publishing undiluted word of God.

Our Targets:
Ø Young People, Christians and unbelievers.
Ø People Struggling with their Spiritual Lives.
Our Strategies:
Ø We Post messages regularly on the Sermon Jotters site (
Ø We use the social media to propagate the messages on regular bases.
Ø We offer prayers for members of the group on a regular basis and when on prayer requests.
Our Subscribed Social Media:
Ø Twitter. @SermonJotter
Ø Facebook: Friend base over 4,000. We communicate on a regular basis, through the chat group, to encourage and exchange spirit growing messages.
Sermon Jotters Audience:
Ø Nigeria, United States, Indonesia, United Kingdom, India, Kenya, Germany, Norway, Thailand and Ghana.
Source of Messages:
Ø Ministries after Due Approvals.
Ø Messages from Sermon Jotters members.
Ø Messages From men of God.
Churches of Active Sermon Jotters Member
Ø MFM, RCCG, CAC, Deeper Life, Winners, Christ Embassy.
We use this medium to invite you to key into this vision, support the vision and be a blessing.
We Seek for People with the love and passion to rescue the lives of people (youth, young and old).
                                                                        Sermon Jotter Admin

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