Thursday, 24 December 2015

Word Of The Day: 7 Life Saving Prayers {Part 2}

7 Life Saving Prayers {Part 2}

Prayer is the most powerful force that is ever known.  We started looking at prayers levels one should take serious in life.  It is an unfortunate situation when many lives are destroyed and wasted when it could have been saved. The Bible says; “Pray without Ceasing”; there are times and seasons which prayers don’t seams appealing; this is the best times to pray; because that prayer at that moment could be the saving grace.

The 7 Life Saving Prayers Continues . . .
Midnight Prayers

The bible says; "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." {Matt 26:41}. We are supposed to watch and pray, and a key elements and strategy to watch and pray.  
To Watch Means:
Ø To Lookout.
Ø To Guard Against.
Ø To Patrol
Ø To Safe Guard
Ø To check for the best Time.

Watch and pray” basically means that you need to intelligent guard and checkout; then support it with prayers.
Research and Experience has shown that:
Ø In the hours of the Night, there is heavy traffic Spiritual Transactions.
Ø The Night is characterized with high ability to concentration; hereby makes the activities of the night much potent.
Ø At night, a lot of Satanic Agent operates freely.
Ø Some Satanic agents major in night operations; like Spiritual Caterers, Witches and Wizard, Occult Powers, Familiar Spirits and so on.
Ø At night, man’s spirit is more sensitive; hence spiritual operations are more effective.
Ø The night is a medium Satan and children has device to do their enterprise.
Ø The night has characteristics of evil, Fear, wickedness, bondage and oppression.
Ø The devil and his agent now use this features of the night to perform their wickedness.
If they had prayed, they would not have entered into the temptation. Many have refused to watch and pray, which has thereafter entered into temptation.
The disciples did not pray, hence they sleep instead of pray and they now entered into the temptation

With Midnight Prayers;
v You Destroy activities of the Satanic Night Agents.
v You shield yourself and your family from the operation of Satanic Night Agents.
v You become spiritually alert all the time.
v God Reveals hidden Secret to You.
v You reposition your life for explosive blessings.
v You purge your foundation from any pollution that may be existing.
v You break every existing yokes and destroy stubborn problems.
v You have good fellowship with God.
v You are immune against sickness & infirmities.

The night has the highest level of spiritual traffic; hence it is the best time to possess your possession

You can never underestimate the power of night prayers.

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