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Word Of The Day: The Greatest Curse of the Human Race

Culled and revised sermon jottings from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 6th December, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.
The Greatest Curse of the Human Race

Where there is Envy & Strive; there is confusion and all manner of terrible satanic works; there you find disaster, calamity, sorrow, chaos
Gen: 4:9.  James 3:16.  2 Tim 3:2.  Prov 11:26. Phil 2:21
Every Sinful Action that man does can be traced down to a particular thing.

ü The reason some people are disloyal
ü The reason some people bite the finger that fed them
ü The reason some people are happy when things are bad for others.
ü The reason why there are several marital turbulence
ü The reason there is no peace in the world.
ü The reason some people engage in bitterness and strife.
Practically every Sin , no matter the name; Adultery, fear, anger, arrogance, bribery, evil desire, adultery, gambling, gluttony, drinking & Smoking, rape, polygamy and so on;
Any Sin that man does can be traced to Just One Thing; SELFISHNESS.
Majority of Human beings are selfish.
v Every Sinful Act that man does has its root from Selfishness.
v Selfishness is the greatest curse of the Human Race
v Selfishness is the Principal Root of corruption of Man
v Selfishness is Love for self with total disregard for what others feel
v Selfishness is taking advantage of others.
v Selfishness is attitude of being concerned of you above others.
v Nations are ruined when politicians think for themselves first before thinking of others.
Some people gather, acquire and steal billions; it is all due to selfishness.
Jesus came to die for us; because He was not selfish but SELFLESS.
v A foundation of selfishness would lead to adultery, fornication, malice, hatred, murder and so on.
Lucifer was full of Selfishness
God Created the Angels & one of the angel said he will lift up its throne above God. It is Selfness

Nothing BIG happens unless some people sacrifices themselves to do something.
Consequences of Selfishness.
1.    Those who live for self alone will die the way they are.
2.    Selfishness tarnishes everything it touches.
3.    Selfishness does not have anything to live for. Nobody is every remembered for what they got but for what they gave.
Lessons of Selfishness
o   Selfishness is all about ME, ME & Me, My Wife; You don’t master selfishness, it will master you
o   Increase in Christ then decrease of self
o   We brought nothing to this world and we take nothing
o   Discover that the only things you lost are the things you were trying to keep
o   Those things you gave out shall be a memorial of your life and mark on the sands of time.
Symptoms of Selfishness
·       Insensitive to love ones.
·       Get very angry
·       Exaggeration of self-importance
·       Being critical of others
·       Very arrogant
·       Always demanding to have your way
·       You don’t enjoy giving; which is the key to prosperity.
·       Getting Drunk
·       Reacting to every critic with anger
How to Deal with Selfishness
v Genuine humility
v Genuine addressing of your life
v Remove the disguise; look at the real you
v Cry for Help
Question to Ask Yourself
ü When last did you give something sacrificially for the things of God?
ü Inconvenience yourself to save other people
ü Did you show kindness to others?
ü Did you feed the hunger and not the well fed friends and family?
Your Principle should be; I die daily; the more You Die, the more you will live.

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  1. Life after life?

    Soon we will leave this planet when death comes to call, the question is, are you really ready?
    The truth is that we like to live and don't want to die, this is a natural survival instinct that has been given us, one day we will die, like it or not the idea.
    If today were the day, you're ready?
    God through the Bible makes very clear that after separating from the physical body, we will continue to live with our five active senses, broadly aware to perceive the continuity of life, for good or evil.
    There are only two locations when the body ceases the function, two places where the dimensions of time and space no longer apply to the human perspective, one is the third heaven where dwells the Creator, the other Hell, the bottomless pit geographically located in the center of this planet.
    Jesus Christ who is God's sent, became man, died and rose again to give us the gift precisely to continue living with excellent quality of life after we leave this biological body composed of matter.
    We are all guilty before God for the evil that exists in our being that is genetically inherited from our first parents, Adam and Eve disobeyed God and curse of death became part from generation to generation to the human race.
    Sin is a daunting chaos that causes pain, sickness, misery and death.
    When we are born we bring it innate in our nature, sin separates us from the truth, sin could be translated as "rebellion against God, the inherent depravity of human nature ", which makes unable to breach of the moral laws governed by God himself and welfare of humanity at large that when these laws are violated results in the physical death and the human spirit.
    Here I want to emphasize what it means spiritual death that never should be understood as the termination of life but rather it is the absolute separation of the creator.
    Jesus Christ die, death sentence was annulled, he died and was resurrected to free us from hell after death. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be the best and only decision that will matter from all those taken during your stay on this earth.
    How many are the years of man on earth living a healthy life? 70-75 years, maybe more, maybe less, after?
    No matter what we think, believe, say and do, all that matters is what will happen.
    There is only one way do not go to hell, and it is through Jesus Christ. If you accept him as Lord you will continue in this life knowing that in the vicissitudes exists a helper which it is powerful to help you to cross to the other side after the absence of the body, but remember that if you don't come quickly to this call, the most important of your life, you're in danger and being sentenced in the cosmic court of God for your sins in a place where you will continue live but in torment forever.


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