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"In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water." (John 5:3).
Text: John 5:1-9
WAITING means:
Ø Waiting could be in relationship to God and Man
Ø Waiting means to stay in a place or to delay movement or to take action until:

i. an expected event happen
ii. someone arise
The angel who troubled the water; could it be an angel of God or the devil? Take your time to think about it...
iii. Until it is your turn to do something
Ø Waiting is to do something
Ø Waiting is to remain stationary in readiness
To be wasted means:
o  To be destroyed
o  To be desolate
o  To be abandoned or to delay
If you study the Words; Wait, Waiting and Waited, it is of two ways.
(1.) When used in relation to God:
i.)  Patience unto the Lord. Isaiah 40:31
ii.) Patience for an instruction from God. Prov. 8:34
iii.)  Patience for guidance from the Lord. Psalm 33:20
iv.)  Patience for promise fulfilment. Psalm 37:9
v.)  Patience until you are lifted up or until you are promoted. Psalm 37:34
vi.)  Patience before the Lord for the time for vision fulfilment. Habakkuk 3:2
vii.)  Waiting for the rapture or the second coming of the Jesus Christ. 1 Thess.1:10, 2 Thess.3:5
Those who wait upon the Lord are never ashamed
(2.) When used in relationship to Man. Prov. 27:18.
i.) It is used that we should remain in faithfulness, commitment, integrity and sincerity.
ii.) Jeremiah 5:26 - Setting a trap among individuals
iii.)  John 5:3 - A non-spiritual exercise life style yet expecting God to do something
• Even in science; for every reaction, there must be action: it is exactly the same in the spirit. If you don't draw near to God, He will not draw near to you.
• Nothing happens in heaven except someone has spent time praying somewhere here on earth. No soul is saved/won except someone has interceded somewhere
"When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness." {Job 30:26}
"If I wait, the grave is mine house: I have made my bed in the darkness." {Job 17:13}
ü It led to the grave
ü It led to darkness, destruction and wasted
ü It works hand-in-hand with time wastage either through:
1. Ignorance
2. Non-challant attitude
3. Be-bewitchment and bondage
When we talk of disobedience, it could be:
- delayed obedience
- half obedience
- procrastination
- conscious disobedience
• Judas, Samson and Demas refused to deal with their weaknesses waiting. Don't wait until you are wasted
• You are here (MFM) in Zion, seek deliverances of your weaknesses on time and not to wasted
• Don't wait, if you wait, you may get wasted
===> I pray that none of you will get wasted, in Jesus' name
Hebrews 11:6 and 2 Corinthians 5:7
• To get anything from God, faith is the key
• Faith also means catch somebody unaware (Rapture)
1. Faith has its own mathematically formula; unless you operate in that realm, you can ***
• Faith is a spirit. 2 Corinthians 4:13
* Spirit of Faith = Belief + Speaking
2. To know the subject of your faith
3. To know your desire
4. To make decisions where you belong
• Those who do not take corrections are bastard
• When you are not married, you are still young; if you are not a fighter, you will be faltered
• Carelessness, seduction, diversion, deception have been used to silenced the saints in our generation through persecution
• If you are not a fighter, you are under a curse from the Almighty. Jeremiah 48:10, Judges 5:23
* Does God need help? Yes!
- If you are not ready to take charge in the realm of the spirit, are you waiting? Don't wait because one may be wasted.
John 3:16-19, Mark 16:16
1. Salvation and daily repentance
2. Deliverance to deal with both your foundation and your weaknesses
3. Run from sin and worldliness
4. Total obedience to God and His Word
5. Daily faith confession for your progress in your word
6. Watchfulness
7. Daily Warfare Prayer; pray in tongues, manufacturing dangerous bulldozing prayers
PRAYERS:  Talk to the Lord that you don't want to be wasted
CONFESS: O Lord, in all the ways I have been disobedience, cleanse and empower me to begin to walk by faith in Jesus' name
1.   Powers of my father's house; that wants to waste my life, delegated to waste my life, be wasted now in the name of Jesus
Minister: Pastor Jeremiah

Source: fb: MFM Hq Sermons

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