Friday, 1 April 2016

[PMCH] Power Must Change Hands -April-2016 Edition

[PMCH] Power Must Change Hands :April, 2016 Edition 
{Deliverance From Bad Money}

Are You Ready For April PMCH: Deliverance From Bad Money
Destroy The Foundation Of Poverty and Move To Your Prosperity.

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Free transportation will be provided courtesy of the partnership between MFM and the Bus Rapid Transit, BRT. BRT buses will take off from the following locations on Saturday at 5 AM and FREE of charge:
v  Cele B/Stop (formally Mile 2)
v  Oshodi
v   Iyana Oworo
v v  Yaba
v   Ikorodu Agric
v   Pen Cinema
v   Obalende
v   Toll gate at Ojodu Berger

The BRT buses will also be on standby to bring you back after the programme. See you there!


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