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Word: Forty Rules for Effective Deliverance {Part 2B}

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 4 January, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.
This message is continued for yesterday; you are access it for this link “Part 2A”.
Deliverance is not for witches and wizards, it is to damage the works of the enemies in your life.
The bible says “for this cause the son of God is made manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil”. {1st John3:8}
. . . Continuing on, what is Deliverance?
Deliverance is to undo heavy burdens.
There are people walking about, if God opens your eyes to see what some people are carrying on their head, you will be surprised.
If God opens your eyes, you will not be able to buy anything from the market.
Its better you just buy it and pray on it before using.
Someone could be selling garri (cassava flakes) and be sitting on it spiritually.
Someone could be selling palm oil but in the real sense it is blood and not palm oil.
Someone is selling human parts in the market but you think it is beef.
Some people are standing on their head and you think they are normal people like you.
Deliverance is therefore to remove heavy burden.

Illustration story
There is this particular sister, on her wedding day; the only present her step mother gave her was a piece of bread. As she gave her the present at the reception, she said “eat this bread and block your womb”. The ignorant sister just laughed and said “I reject it”.
Is that how to reject it?
Someone who is spiritually alert will cry “I reject it in the name of Jesus; I will never use this bread to block my womb in Jesus name”.
She just said I reject it casually.
Twelve years into the marriage, no pregnancy.
It was on the deliverance ground the bread she took came out of her.
I pray for you:
Anything inside anyone’s body which you don’t know is there, in the name of Jesus Christ which is above all other names; I command them to go out.
Deliverance is to break Evil Yokes.

A yoke is an instrument of toil.
A yoke is what is used to tie two animals together to make them work with power; a yoke is very terrible.
Deliverance is to possess your possession.
Many people will not be able to possess their rightful possession until they have gone through deliverance and possess their breakthrough, healing, marriage, children, etc. by force.

Deliverance is to escape from every satanic prison.
A lot of people are walking freely but in the spirit they have been cage. This is the reason where their life cannot move as it ought to; their spirit have been imprisoned, chained, limited.
Deliverance is to capture back what the enemy has stolen from you.
The enemy has used various strategy to steal from people; such as evil houses, dreams, evil rings, evil offices and cobwebs on the streets and so on.
This strategies have stolen people’s health, happiness, wealth, blessings and so on. The only way to recover them back is through Deliverance.
Deliverance is to rebel against the Anointing of the tail.
Many people has been inflicted with the anointing of the tail, therefore whatever he person does it does not succeed. If you go forward 5 steps you move backward 10 steps, up and down success. You can destroy this anointing through Deliverance.
Deliverance is to forcefully throw out anything that is not of God in your life.
Some people might be experiencing some wrong things in which they know inside of them that it is not the will of God but they find it difficult to remove it from their life; it is like it is impossible or they don’t know how. Deliverance is the answer to this.
Illustration story
In 1994, we had a testimony here of a man who was an athlete. This man had won some medals at the international competition before he came to the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. A particular international competition was approaching and he was taken to a witchdoctor. The witchdoctor asked him, do you want to win? He said yes, then go and bring a life serpent. The brother said; Baba, if I see a dead serpent I will take to my heels not to talk of a life one, am sorry I can’t do any magical thing. The witchdoctor then asked if the brother could pay someone to get it for him, the brother said yes and he paid
Those types of payments are covenants; even if you don’t know about it.
Once your money is involved, you are already in a covenant.
Anytime this brother is on the track ready to run, if he looks back he sees a snake a pursuing him and he starts running. He is actually running from the snakes but he wins. After he had retired from sports and forgotten about the snake, he was in his living room one day when he noticed something entering into his body; it was that snake.
That was what brought him here. Deliverance is to throw off such things.
I pray:
You will not use your money to buy your trouble in Jesus name.
Many are like Jonah, God sent Jonah to Nineveh.
He paid transport fare to go to Tarshish; he paid for his own bondage.
A lot of people have paid for their bondage.
So, in case you are reading this now and they have done deliverance for you with
Ø Fruits (orange, banana, etc.),
Ø Horse whip,
Ø You serving beans on the street,
Ø You going to bed naked,
Ø You sleeping in front of the altar for days,
They have not delivered you, what they have done is to put spiritual Panadol or valium to calm the problems and also to strengthen them so as to fight  harder  when you are too weak to fight.

Deliverance is to kill every satanic embargo.
There are embargos on people’s life; no matter how they try, the education they try to acquired, the effort the put, they will not go past a particular level. Deliverance is the cure.

Deliverance is to break curses and covenants that are working against your destiny.
You have many people that are labour under a curse, the strong force of the curse will always work against them even when success is so sure. Some might be ignorant of evil covenants made on their behalf, but it does not stop it for working against them. They need Deliverance.

Deliverance is To exhume every buried blessings and remove yourself from under the umbrella of darkness.
Many people’s virtues and goodness have being buried by evil people that know the implications and things are not working. Success, health, womb and so on, can be buried; Deliverance is the answer.

Deliverance is to kill every infirmity and to fire back every arrow of the enemy.
The enemy has use sickness and disease to steal form people and make them useless. If Joseph was been carried in & out of hospital, he won’t have fulfilled his destiny in Egypt; don’t allow the enemy to use sickness to rob you of your destiny; seek Deliverance.

Many people need this deliverance we are talking about.
You need deliverance from the places you have gone.
Deliverance from the covenants you have made.
If you don’t do it, those things you have done will come back to you.

That is why we tell you that every witchdoctor you visit is a contract.
Those of you moving from one mountain to another in the name of prayer like mosquitoes are just looking from trouble.
Instead of you to sit in your house to study the word of God, pray and fast.
Stop been lazy, sit down, read your books and be serious.
Rules for Effective Deliverance
We have started looking at the rules for effective deliverance in our previous post.  For Rules 1 to 5, visit the following link: {Rules 1 to 5}

RULE 1:    You must be born again.
RULE 2:    Repent from every known sin.
RULE 3:    You must be determined to be free.
RULE 4:    You must watch your heart and thoughts
RULE 5:    Be conscious that we wrestle;
Paul says in Ephesians 6:12; we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, power, rulers of the dark place of this world, spiritual wickedness.
The forces we wrestle against are in four folds.
Principalities are not the types we normally see on deliverance ground.
There is darkness controlled by the rulers of this world.
There is also spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places.
These forces are higher than witchcraft.
Who is a witch when we are talking about principalities, powers, rulers of dark places and spiritual wickedness? (Psalm 2)
Those are the types of powers we are talking about.
Illustration story
That is also the type of power in this particular sister.
Every night her son will see her in his dreams feeding him with all sorts of things. He boy heard there is a crusade where they catch witches and he tricked his mother to attend.
When the crusade got to a particular stage, the man of God there said “if you know that you are a witch, come out or you will die within seven days”. People started going out but this boy noticed that his mother was not making moves to go out so he said “my mother, you are called, go out to the altar”. The mother told him that those one’s going out are her house helps and they have not started calling her caliber.
I pray:
Any principality confronting you shall be disgraced in Jesus name.
RULE 6:  Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, body, soul, spirit and strength.

Once you love God, you will be free because God needs those that will love him.
If your Christianity is half-baked then God will not also be moved by your problems.
When they talk about the things of God, you should rush there.
RULE 7:  Learn how to ask for angelic assistance.

But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool? Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? {Hebrew 1:13-14}
Therefore, angels are supposed to be ministering to you.
The bible says: the angels of the Lord encamp around those that fear him to deliver them. {Psalm 34:7}
I pray:
May you have angelic assistance in the name of Jesus
RULE 8:  Carry out a thorough spiritual mapping of your family.

ü Who is your grandfather?
ü What was is occupation?
ü Was he born-again or an idol worshipper?
ü How many wives did he have?
You need to carry out a systematic research on your family so as to know what to deal with.
If you notice any weakness in your family line even if you don’t have that kind of nature, pray it out of your life.
There is something called cryptic in deliverance; anything cryptic will stay without hurting, it will just wait till ones unguarded time to strike.
RULE 9:  Ensure that you break all curses and evil covenants.
Check if there are any symptoms of curses and evil covenants in your life and destroy them through deliverance.

RULE 10:  Locate every demonic entry points into your life and block them.

There are some places you are not supposed to go; don’t go there.
There are some things you are not supposed to do; don’t do them.
Believers don’t roam about doing nothing.
Believers don’t go to night parties.
Believers don’t stylishly drink alcohol.
Believers don’t say at least I don’t drink beer but I take wine.
The alcohol content in wine is even more than that in beer.
God has a reason for banning his prophets from taking alcohol.
Any drop of alcohol that enters into your body affects your anointing.
If you want to be a prophet, forget alcohol.
If you want to take alcohol, forget being a prophet.
The two cannot work together.
Illustration story
I had a friend who was so addicted to palm wine. When he got born-again, he continued. It was the palm wine seller that said excuse me, I think you go to church so why do you still come here? All your friends who go to church no longer come here.
He said well, I don’t get drunk anymore and scientifically, there is yeast in palm wine which is good for the eyes.
The woman said “it’s a lie, if you want to drink yeast why not buy it from the chemist instead of taking palm wine.
The man ran away and that was the last time he went there.
Deliverance is war because it is about going to the camp of the enemy and delivering the captives.
Prayer Points
1.   Every stranger in body, come out and die in the name of Jesus.
2.   Every power calling my name in darkness, die in the name of Jesus.
3.   Negative platform prepared by my ancestors die in the name of Jesus.
4.   I bind the spirit of constant sickness in my life in the name of Jesus.
Declare these Confessions to yourself:
5.   This year, the lord shall increase the speed of my progress in the name of Jesus.
6.   This year, I shall not fail; I must not fail in the name of Jesus.
7.   This year, I cancel sorrow cancel losses in the name of Jesus.
8.   This year, I shall be far from oppression in the name of Jesus.
Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus

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