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Word: Forty Rules For Effective Deliverance {Part 5}

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 1st February, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.


Today’s post is the conclusion of the message we started some weeks ago. In previous part of this message, we looked at the in-depth analysis of the phenomenon; effective deliverance.{To get previous message, access it from here}. The purpose of this message is to stop people from being a permanent deliverance candidate.
There are many people that are going for deliverance but unfortunately they want to be delivered from God. There is no pastor that can deliver a person from the hands of God.

There is no deliverance minister that could help Jonah because his problem was with God. God is the source of his problem; He wanted deliverance from God; it is impossible; just like a saying: “God’s case has no appeal
There are various definitions that have been given to expound the understanding about deliverance. More definitions are as follows:
Still on, what is Deliverance?
Deliverance is Kill satanic embargo.
Deliverance is to damage every destructive law.
Deliverance is to allow the heavenly gardener to clear the bush in your life.
Deliverance is the divine circumcision of your heart.
Deliverance is to break every evil Covenant.
Deliverance is to break all the chains of darkness.
Deliverance is to vomit the food consumed at the table of the devil.
Illustration Story
 A man came out of his room at night to ease himself; all of a sudden a strange wind blew onto him; he felt that something entered into him be he didn’t know what it was. From that day he became to have this dreams which will come to pass. Whenever he dreams of accident, death, it will come to pass; he was worried. One day, he went to see his pastor; he explained that he has not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit but since
this wind blew on me, I begin to see strange thing that would come to pass. He asked his pastor if it is normal; the pastor told him it is not normal, it is a strange power that entered into him; they stated to pray for this man; when the prayer got to a stage this man began to vomit, he vomited three cowries. No one ever saw him swallow a cowry but the enemy has devised a mean to feed him from the table of darkness in order to convert in to a satanic doctor.
I pray for you: Anything you have eaten from the table of darkness, consciously or unconsciously, that is negatively affecting your destiny; vomit them in the name of Jesus.
Deliverance is to break the enchantment of the enemy
Deliverance is to exhume your buried blessings.
Freedom is never free; freeing yourself still requires that you remain free.

Freeing yourself may be very easy but remaining free can be harder.
All of life is life crossing the red sea;
Freedom is to know what enslaves us and get out of that prison
The trouble of life is that every chain you manufacture, you will wear it. Every man that loves his chain will remain in bondage. As a matter of fact, each man makes his own prison.
Inanity is inability to learn from your past mistakes. If you are defending your weakness, it is the foundation of slavery.
We will now continue on the rules of effective deliverance. {To get previous rules, access it from here}
RULE 22:  Ensure that you burn the bridges behind you.
The more you leave the bridges in place, the more the deliverance will be profitless.
For example; Now that you are born again, your friends change, the places you go changes, your outlook/perception to life changes, the way you dress will change; you burn those bridges.
You can’t expect your deliverance to be permanent when you still have the complimentary card of your sugar-daddy, boyfriends and all those things you used to have while in the world.

You can’t be keeping bottles of beer in your fridge even though you are not drinking. Some will say; they have been courting for several years before they met Christ, should the relationship just end like that? Answer is “Yes”; immediately you surrender, cut of that relationship. Going back to old friends is sending invitation to your former problems.
 Inviting their former friends
"Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.So Abram departed, as the Lord had spoken unto him; and Lot went with him: and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran."{Gen 12:1-4}
Abraham was asked to detach himself from three major things
1. Country   2. Kindred 3. Father house
After the detachment from this three, God now gave his promise.
Unfortunately for Abraham, He did not totally complete all the steps; He took along Lot and his father; When Good has already told him to separate. Lot became a hindrance to his destiny. Until Abraham completed the three steps {Gen 13}, he could not enter into God‘s 7-fold blessing
1. Make of thee a great nation 2.  I will bless thee, 3. Make thy name great; 4. Thou shalt be a blessing: 5. I will bless them that bless thee, 6. curse him that curseth thee: 7. in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
He didn't totally burn the bridges.
Detachment may be demanding, failure to comply is more costly
I Decree into your life; every lot that is bringing problem to you shall be separated from your life in the name of Jesus.
RULE 23:  Get Information.
You need to get timely and accurate fact on the enemy you are facing; on the problem that is a challenge.
RULE 24:  Learn how to send confusion into the camp of the enemy.
Confuse them with your prayers. Pray when they don’t expect you to pray. Fast when they don’t think you will fast.
RULE 25:  Discover your enemy’s weakness.
Every goliath has an unprotected forehead; every enemy has a weakness. Pray, for God should show you the weakness of your enemy.
RULE 26:  Prepare quickly and thoroughly.
 God himself is a God of preparation; prepare. You decide to wage war against your problems; Prepare!
RULE 27:  Make your opponent uncomfortable.
If your opponent is comfortable, he will create difficulty for you.
How do you do this?
1. Always be happy no matter what you are going through: The happiness will give the enemy serious headache.
Illustration Story
In a particular town, a heavy rain fell and it destroyed so many properties. There was this Christian Brother that had a big shop where he sold salt; the rain entered his shop and destroyed all salt. Because of this bad incident that befell the brother, his pastor went to his house to sympathize with him. They expected that they will found his down casted and sorrowful but this was not the case. The pastor and his entourage were telling him to take hearth, he replied them and said it was not a problem; that this happened so that God will give to him a bigger shop; He was the one now preaching to his pastor. God stamped his word, in a short while he was able to get a shop that is 10 times bigger than his former shop.
Make the enemy uncomfortable. Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. {Phil 4:4}
2. Be a praise addict: This is another way to make the enemy uncomfortable. Nobody can be happy when they are praising his enemy beside him. Make your enemy uncomfortable.
RULE 28:  Keep your enemies in the dark.
Listen more, talk less. God gave us one mouth, two hears. There is something called; the need to know. What you say about your life to others, do they need to know? Don't live a show glass life; where you display; it only opens you to attack.
Illustration Story
There was a time I wanted to go an visit my parent in Port-Harcourt. I took a bus from Lagos. When we were almost getting to Benin, a brother was shouting that he wanted to defecate. The driver was reluctant because, they just did a stop not too long, but because of the persistent shout of this brother, they stopped. The brother entered into a bus and he came out in about 3 minute’s time; He was now dressed in rags.
He was sitting beside me so I asked him; sorry sir, you were wearing a very good cloth before you came down from the bus. The brother replied; I am going to my town; if I go into that town in the trouser and shirt, there will be trouble. He said the last time he wore such clothes to his town, it took him three year to get out of that problem; he suffered so much after losing his Job.
You need to be careful of verbal diarrhea and those that keep revealing their secrets. Keep the enemies in the dark.
RULE 29:  Make no target available for the enemy.
Don’t build ammunition to the enemy to fight you. There should be nothing they can use against you.

RULE 30:  Use the spying power of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the best spy. He will tell you what is going on; where to avoid; where not to go; where the enemy is targeting.

Be a friend of the Holy Ghost, then He will tell you secrets.
RULE 31:  Recognize that as a born again child of good, you have the authority to increase the punishment of the enemy.
You can pour fire in seven folds; can pour thunder seven folds; you can increase their punishment; you have that authority.
I pray for you: To every enemy of your joy, their punishment shall increase in the name of Jesus.
RULE 32:  Block the hiding and the grouping of the enemy.
By decreeing that there shall be no hiding; there shall be no regrouping.
RULE 33:  Make it a regular habit to draw the circle of the blood of Jesus around your life and family.
Always draw the circle of the blood of Jesus to protect, guide, guard and shield you.
RULE 34:  Reclaim all ancestral ground that has been stolen from your ancestors.
You have the authority to reclaim those lost grounds and blessings because you are a child of God.
RULE 35:  Close all the doors that you have open to the enemies and keep those doors closed.

RULE 36:  Break away from ungodly people and organizations.
Remember the saying; show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Birds of same feathers flock together.
Even if you must have friends in church, have prayer friends; good friends. Bible says; amongst my people are wicked people. There are people that come to good churches by people in the same church still take them to wrong places.
The mountain of fire & miracle ministry of fire is a full gospel church; we teach salvation, holiness, brokenness, how to make heaven, prayer, deliverance.
There is no Godly virtue that you won’t get here but to some, they bother their mind wind irrelevant questions? Why are they asking us not to wear trousers? Why can’t we paint our nails? All the worldly questions that does not add to their spiritual life; those things that will disappear when they die. Why not spent time to develop your spirit man that will live till eternity?
To score A1 in a subject, you won’t befriend someone that is scoring Zero. A tree that is smaller than you is impossible to shield you. These are the things that are       bringing problems back; You see believers go to
unbeliever’s party where they serve alcohol, they smoke; even when you are drinking soft drink in such place, unaccepted; what will happen if the enemy decide to wast such place, heaven will not rescue you because they didn’t ask you to go there. Break all that evil attitudes.
Illustration Story
A preacher made an alter call, there was this lady there, she was crying so bitterly. The preacher went to meet the lady and asked why she was crying. She answered; em, am going to miss my boyfriend; and from this your preaching, if I commit myself to Jesus, I will need to leave my boyfriend; I can’t do it, I will miss him so much. Saying this, she ran out of the ground to the next street; unfortunately she collided with an oncoming vehicle, she died on the spot. She wasted the chance of salvation that God gave to her because of the ungodly relationship she does not want to cut off.
RULE 37:  Follow peace with all men and holiness.
Holiness must be within and without.
What you put outside tell us what you are inside. Some say, am just like that outside, my inside is different; it is a lie. It is not possible for a tomato to be ripe outside and not ripe inside.
In this place, we preach deliverance and holiness; No deliverance will ever be permanent without holiness. Many sisters are suffering today because of what they are putting on their head which is their glory.
How can you surrender your head to a witch in a salon and for 3 hours, the witch is on your head manipulating you glory and stealing your virtue. With this, the enemy has manipulated and destroyed so many lives. We are not saying this to prove any point, we have seen clear and real life experiences.
Illustration Story
A man dragged his pregnant wife to this place some time ago. The woman was overdue by two months. When she was brought to me for prayers, I noticed that head has this bulky wrapped in a strange way. The spirit told me, the reason when the baby is not coming is that the baby is a prophet and with what is on her head the baby will go back to heaven. I told her to
remove her scarf; her hair style was so big and had this pyramid shape. I told her that she has to remove it; she complained and said the hair is very expensive coupled with the time she spent; that I should just pray. I insisted that I will not pray until she removes the hair. They took her away to help her remove the hair; even to remove the hair still took a long time. Immediately the last strand of that hair was removed from her head, she fell into labour.
This is how those things can affect your destiny.
Any man that marry you because of your hair, the way you walk, way you talk, your looks, your size, your shape; when he sees somebody better, he will leave
RULE 38:  Have a perfect hatred for the bondage.
When you hate the bondage of the enemy with perfect hatred, the enemy will let you go. Psalmist says; I hate them that hate the lord; I hate them with perfect hatred.
RULE 39:  Form the habit of inviting the fire of good into your life.
RULE 40:  Do this the things every day; 1. Make positive confessions. 2. Read your Bible. 3. Pray aggressively.
These are forty rules for effective deliverance. You need to go back to all the posts of this message and read it again or you can get the audio message at mfm bookshops. Analyze each rule on how it personally applies to your own life.

Ensure that you do not become candidate in the school of constant Deliverance

Prayer Points
1.   Embargo! of my father’s house, let me go, in the name of Jesus
2.   My stolen blessings! where are you, locate me by fire, in the name of Jesus
3.   Every chain, binding my legs, break! In the name of Jesus.
4.   Dry bones of my life; come alive, in the name of Jesus.
5.   Thou power of destiny robbers, I am not your candidate, Die! In the name of Jesus
6.   Ancestral powers that punished my parents, I am not your candidate, Die! In the name of Jesus
7.   Great Physician, Overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus.
Declare these Confessions to yourself:
8.   This year, every gang up against my peace shall scatter in the name of Jesus.
9.   This year, my God shall arise and make me a mysterious wonder in the name of Jesus.
10.                   This year, every evil voice speaking against my life, shall be silenced in the name of Jesus.
11.                   This year, what others call a problem, shall become promotion for me in the name of Jesus.
12.                   This year, every power that is against my existence, shall Die! In the name of Jesus.
Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!
2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus


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