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Word: Forty Rules For Effective Deliverance {Part 4}

Culled and revised from a sermon from Dr. D.K Olukoya. General Overseer of the Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries.
Sermon Date: Sunday, 25 January, 2015
@ MFM Headquarters, Lagos.

Today’s message is a continuation the in-depth analysis of obtaining effective deliverance and it is continued from the previous post that can be gotten here: {Part 3}
We have explained that Deliverance is spiritual battle. Deliverance has benefited many lives and communities, cities. Some many things can need deliverance; Animate and inanimate things may need deliverance, communities, environments could need deliverance.

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised" {Luke 4:18}
Pray like this:
Every foundational covenant speaking bondage into my life scatter in the name of Jesus.
Advantages of Deliverance
Ø Deliverance leads to the termination of satanic oppression.
Ø Deliverance creates vibrant spiritual life
Ø Deliverance makes holiness to be easier; because holiness without deliverance could be very difficult.
Ø Deliverance brings dominion over works of darkness.
Ø Deliverance gives massive breakthroughs and peace of mind.
Ø Deliverance gives financial advancement and good health.
There is a book you can get at the book shop titled: “personal deliverance” It helps you to manage any dream appropriately.
Ø Deliverance cancels untimely death.
Illustration Story
There is a family of five people. The first person in the family ran mad; one day he ran to an oncoming vehicle and died. The second person had the same experience, ran mad and an oncoming vehicle crushed his head. The most touching one is the lady among them went on to the roof; nobody knew what befell her. She threw herself down and crashed her skull then died. The remaining two ran to this place for prayers; Lived in the Ijebu area of this country. We started praying for them. One night, a creature visited one of them and said there forefathers have covenanted them and that they will all have to break their skull and die; so it has come to make her break her skull.
Pray this:
Covenant of my father’s house, assigned against my destiny, Die in the name of Jesus
She replied the creature and said, that was in the past, go back to the sender
in the name of Jesus. The creature left and went to the fifth; this sister was more violent; she told the creature; it is you that will break your skull and die in the name of Jesus. At her gaze the creature smashed its skull and broke to pieces.

This two were able to achieve this victory and cancel their untimely death only though deliverance.  
I Decree:
Every Covenant of untimely Death; conscious or unconscious, be released in the name of Jesus.
Ø Deliverance brings productive prayer life.
Ø Deliverance brings material prosperity.
Ø Deliverance reduces crime; because practically all criminals are possessed. This is the reason why prison evangelism could be dangerous.
I remember one that I did some time ago. One of the prisoners carried a table where we placed our bible and hit it on his own head such that his head came out of the other end of the table. Now imagine the kind of spirit that will possess such a person to do that to himself then such spirit will not spare any other person.
Deliverance reduces natural hazards; because it is human that pollutes the land through liberation and the likes.
Ø Deliverance brings open heavens and make people poses their possessions.
Ø Deliverance brings material and career progress. There are many people that might have never married if not for the grace of Deliverance.
These are very tough times and the enemy is on rampage. It is good to know that bread and butter Christianity, easygoing, diabetic, careful Christianity will not survive these times. I pray that you shall be overcomers in every battle that confronts you.
What is Deliverance?
We have given many definition of deliverance previously, this are some more definitions:
v Deliverance is to render the powers divining against you mad.

v Deliverance is to break away the enchantment of the enemy.
v Deliverance is to force territorial powers to vomit what they have swallowed.
v Deliverance is to deliver you destiny from the powers of your father’s house.
Pray like this; every evil connection between me and any dead person break in the name of Jesus.
The first 20 rules have been treated in previous parts(1a,1b,2a,2b,3); we will continue the next rule as follows:
RULE 21:  Repentance Brings Deliverance.
Repentance is a powerful word of the scriptures. After 400 years of divine silence from heaven; (Between old and new testament); the first cry for heave was: Repent! Repent! Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Deliverance is Total Repentance. You must be truthful in that area; without being truthful you cannot be set free because it is the truth that set you free.
No-one can see the demon in operation until repentance is complete in that area of your life
That foundation of deliverance is essential to get effective and genuine deliverance.
Illustration Story
A lady in Jamaica was having a serious problem. She couldn’t tell anyone; whether she was asleep or awake, she discovered that something/body was
sleeping with her; she feel something going in and out of her. She went around with this sensation and because of this problem you went to bible school, she had masters in theology. She was thinking that the theology will cover that kind of thing; she even asked her teacher that “what could be responsible for someone not seeing a person sleeping with her” The teacher replied her; “I hope you her not the one, such person should go and see the psychiatrist” This lady then kept shut and was checking all over the internet to see where they could mention such so that she may find solution; that was where she found mfm. This lady on her own got a visa, traveled down to Nigeria, located the prayer city and submitted herself for deliverance. During the deliverance, they called a prayer; “Thou power of spirit husband and spirit man Die! In the name of Jesus”; at first she didn’t wasn’t to pray this prayer, she said how can spirit die, theologically it is wrong. Then she thought about it, she has nothing to lose at least she has prayed all the theologically right prayers and it didn’t work. When she prayed the prayer once, she saw a giant man with a reproductive organ as big as a horse. With what she saw, she started praying the prayer aggressively even when they change the prayer point she did not change her own, she continued. She found out that the more she prayed that giant man was entering the ground until it entered completely. That is not the lesson; after deliverance she requested to see me and wrote to me so I called her. She shared the whole testimony with me. I now ask her a question; do you watch pornography? 
She said; man of God, that is my weakness.
I told her that she has to stop pornography and if she doesn’t stop, that man that entered the ground will come back and will be even more terrible as he will come with 7 more giant men like himself.
The lesson here is that not until this lady repented in this area of pornography, that strongman did not totally release her.
When you drop the sinful activity in your flesh, the spirit attached to it, will no longer have a legal hold on you
To some, it is to padlock their mouth; some, it is their eyes. Some need to sit down and get rid of all malice, get rid of anger, hatred, sexual immorality and the likes. Until you drop that sinful activity, the evil power attach to it will not release you. They might leave temporarily because of the fire power of the prayers at the deliverance ground; they will come back if you don’t repent.
Some are even worker and play with sin; then you are looking for huge trouble; especially if you are in mfm. Some sing up up Jesus, down down Satan! But they have not dropped the sinful activities; it is dangerous.
Illustration Story
The great apostle Babalola was in a village in the early 70s and his practice was that any time he got to a lace, he will ask them to take home to the river they drink in the place. In this village he got to the river and prayed on the river; he now gave a warning that any one that is possessed should not drink out of the water. There was a woman there, called “Mother-in-Israel” she
knew she was possessed and she dared the word of the man of God, drank the water. Right there, she somersaulted, threw off her clothes; right there people saw that apart from her female reproductive organ, she had two male reproductive organ. She was exposed and disgraced. You can’t do the work of God deceitfully; you will be exposed and disgraced.
Ignorance of the principle of repentance has produced more sorrow. An unrepentant person is a failure in the school of prayer and failure in the school of spiritual warfare.
Every Hidden sin, concealed sin, forsaking sin and unconfessed sin make you a laughing stock.
Unfortunately, these days in our churches, the word repentance has disappeared. Ministers seldom call their members to repentance.
I fear that we are leading masses of unrepentance people unto false peace and genuine conviction for sin is lacking.
The present day ministers are offering salvation to those who have not repented; promoted men who have lust to position. Many churches will offer prescription without providing surgery. People come to church, they sing, dance, pray and still go back unrepented, this is why those spirit have refused to leave them and troubled many lives.
Pray like this: Ladders of witchcraft in my life, Die! In the name of Jesus.
Where there is not airport, planes don’t land; once you perfect repentance in a particular area of your life, demon won’t be able to operate there; they will be frustrated and be forced to leave. 
Repentance is NOT:
ü Just Being Sorry: it’s not the sorrow of a thieve, caught with stolen property, who is now terrified with the consequences of his actions.
ü Reluctant Apology
ü Regret of Sorrow; experience from someone that has made mistake.
ü Action of a Person who was forced to agree that he was wrong.
ü Stopping of a particular sin because certain circumstances; someone stops drinking or smoking on health reason; it is not repentance.
The truth is this; anybody still drinking alcohol had cut him/herself for the prophetic anointing.
Such person will remain a bat in the spiritual realm. The scriptures forbid all prophets from drinking.
ü False Sorry; just feeling sorry because what you did look bad. It is like what happened to Judas; He taught Jesus will save himself but Jesus was taken so he felt bad because he caused the arrest of Jesus; it is not repentance.
Facts about Repentance
·      Every true prophet of the most high God, preached about repentance.
·      God want everyone to repent.
·      Repentance has an expiry date; a day will come when there won’t be room for repentance.
·      For Repentance to come, it must be total.
What is Repentance?
o  Repentance is the total surrender of yourself to obey and submit to the word of God always.

o  Repentance is to denial yourself, take up your cross and follow Christ daily.
o  Repentance is to come to Jesus broken, open, helpless, and hopeless, unworthy.
o  Repentance is to turn around and go to the opposite direction; total about-turn.

o  Repentance is hating those things you once loved.
o  Repentance is the sinner raising the flag; I surrender, I surrender!
Stop all willful sin totally. All the sinful activities must stop. The lying, backbiting, immorality, stealing, fornication, lust, hatred, anger must all stop; you must not spare any one of them; It must be a total repentance.
Anyone that constantly repents, and constantly goes back to the sins is on an express road to Hell Fire without a bus stop
Such people are playing games with God; this is the reason why many deliverance are not effective.
Illustration Story
We were in church many years ago, before the mountain of fire started. Something was wrong with this church. We like praise worship, we like dance, we like clapping, we like all kind of activities. The enemy was dealing with people. One day a woman came to service for the first time and as usual, we were dancing, singing and doing all kind of merriment; all of a sudden, the word of the prophesy came for the lady; hear the word of the lord, my children, you are dancing, singing, drumming, doing offering, doing harvest and all kinds of things; I don’t need all this things you are doing. The only one thing I am asking for is Repentance! Repentance! Repentance! The woman shouted this until she lost her voice.

That same voice is calling on you today. Instead of spending valuable time at the deliverance ground, look inwards, ask yourself the question; have you truly repented?
Bible says whosoever; that covereth his sin; shall not prosper; it is a curse. You need to expose it, uncover the sin to destroy the ladder in you life.

Prayer Points
1.   Blemish in my life, Die! In the name of Jesus
2.   Power of Weakness assign against my destiny, Die! In the name of Jesus
3.   Every Evil Company, Vomit me! In the name of Jesus.
4.   Every Poison over my life, Die! In the name of Jesus.
5.   Anyone that has stolen glory from me, Return them by Fire! In the name of Jesus
6.   My Red Sea, Lose your power! In the name of Jesus
7.   Great Physician, Overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus.
Declare these Confessions to yourself:
8.   This year, every gang up against my peace shall scatter in the name of Jesus.
9.   This year, my God shall arise and make me a mysterious wonder in the name of Jesus.
10.                   This year, every evil voice speaking against my life, shall be silenced in the name of Jesus.
11.                   This year, what others call a problem, shall become promotion for me in the name of Jesus.
12.                   This year, every power that is against my existence, shall Die! In the name of Jesus.
Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus


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