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SermonJotter 1st Anniv. Top 20 Messages: 18. Unmasking the Enemy.

Unmasking the Enemy

Many At times , many people choose their enemies as friend and the purple that Ares their trail enemies, they bring them closer and see them as friends. Most of  these times, such people will find out that they are in an endless long battles. The Bible has declared; a man foes are the members of his family. As a child of God, you need to be able to identify your real friends and enemies; to dissociate yourself from unfriendly friends; to unmask the enemies.

Unmasking the enemy
To unmask means; removing a veil , to uncover something, to reveal, to expose something hidden.
Many lives have been destroyed, lost, shortchanged; all because, the people they call friends are their enemy and the people the call see as enemies are their  true friends; They find is difficult to differentiate between the two set of people; their enemies and their friends.
"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."{2 Cor 11:14-15}
   This is one of the fearful scriptures in the bible. It means that; you should not be surprise if your find Satan masqueraded as an angel of light. Also, there are satanic ministers masquerading as angel of light.
Illustration Story
A Man was experiencing difficult times so he went on a 7 day night vigil. He was only pray one singular prayer point concerning his problem. On the seventh day, lo and behold he saw a man in white garment, he was so happy. The man therefore said “Bro. Solomon; your prayers have been answered; I will uphold you with my right hand of righteousness” Bro Solomon then carefully tried to look up to this man in white he then saw that the hand he raised was the left hand; he now wondered, how come he was saying he will uphold with his right hand. Immediately, this man was able to discern that it was not an angel of God; so Bro Solomon declared; “Receive the fire of God”, so this man in white vanished.
Listen to this clearly;
The devil specializes in masquerading, disguising, masking ; he acts as a chameleon.
As Christians, we must know how to address those mask of the devil.
The common word Occultic been used; really means to hide, do something in secret.
Pray like thisI receive the power to uncover the secret of the enemy by the power of the holy ghost.
Illustration Story
It was in Ghana ,a woman brought a small boy they claim had epileptic feet. The boy would just begin do manifest epileptic behavior; they brought the boy for prayers.
As I was about to pray saw a chain on his neck and ask the mother to remove the chain. The mother said No; that the chain has been on his birth since birth; that that it is the chain that has kept the boy alive till that day. I insisted that she had to remove it if she wanted to me to pray.

Reluctantly she removed the chain from the boy’s neck. There was a small pendant beneath the chain; I ask her to break it open; she argued that it would destroy the pendant but I insisted. The pendant was very difficult to open; she had to use stone; When this pendant was open, inside the pendant was an inscription; “I love Satan
I Decree into your life; You shall receive the power to uncovering darkness in the name of Jesus.
Satan hides his works from our eyes of understanding. He creates a veil
Satan can hide under civilizationhide under modernizationhide under fashion. The devil creates the veil so that you cannot see who is behind it.
If God open your eyes to see the mystery of the Jewelry world; You will discover that most have their factories under the water.
There is a saying that; A man’s mountain is the mountain of his ignorance
The bible says; You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. It is that truth you know, that will set you free.
Satan uses the atmosphere and environment to conceal his plans.
It is been taught in the kindergarten class; that Satan has two horns, he is ugly and so on; but he won't come to anyone like that; Satan would always disguise as an angel of light.
Usually; Enemies Hides, concerts, mall, disguised, camouflage, cover-up in smoke.
Nothing happens by chance, there are spirits behind everything you see in the physical.
Enemies forms a covering, so we believer need to look pass the visible; Look beyond the physical; Look at situation and say ; “The enemy has done this
Many have walked into the enemies trap; many unconsciously enter in to satanic bondage; even when those bondages are broken by prayer some still re-cage themselves again; so there is a back and forth bondage.
Hardly is there Man who sees the enemy and ignores or see a bondage and walk into it; the enemy need to mask to operate.
 It is also paramount to know that when the enemy reveals your enemy to you; you just don’t make confrontation. If you confront a witch; what they will just do is to reorganize and transfer your case file to a more powerful witch. It is better to observe and depend on the holy spirit to act.
Illustration Story
There was a man that used to be very wealthy; all of a sudden his finances went down because of leg affliction of his wife. His wife had a wound on her leg which refuse to heal; Both the man and woman spent all their money on this wound without result.
The man went to a man of God for prayers; he was given some prayers to pray. At 12 midnight, he started praying; ”O lord, show me the secret
When He didn’t see any result, he ran back to the pastor but asked him to persist more. On the 21st day, a tall man in white entered his room; it was an angel. The angel told the man he will take him to a place to reveal the secret; He Held his hands and off they went and found themselves in a place; it was the coven of witches. The Angel said to the man, don't talk.
The man found out that they could see people arriving there but they could not see them. The first person that appeared was his girlfriend of many years ago; they usually use to commit immorality together; he was shocked but could not talk. More people started arriving; again, his mother-in-law showed up; that one he said he has suspected her since. All of a sudden, his wife can in; he could not hold the shock; He saw that the wife sat down and they were cutting and sharing their meat on his wife’s leg. That was the source of the wound in the physical realm. The next day, the wife wanted to complain about the leg; then he exposed her and  the wife was wondering how he knew; that night, the leg healed up. That was how this man was delivered from poverty.
I PrayThe anointing to unmask the enemy; receive it in the name of Jesus.
Satan disguise as angel of light is more dangerous than the deceiving  serpent or the roaring lion. This is because you can identify the serpent and lion as enemies then run.
Illustration Story
In my university in those days, there is this boy that is a womanizer; he brings home different ladies; he know how to strategize and make them come at different time, so that they won’t see each other.
One day I was sitting at the balcony then this two ladies arrived at this  boy’s room; maybe his strategy did not work this time. As I was sitting the lord show me in the sprit realm; I saw the two young beautiful girls as old women; and one said to the other “Are you also here” then the vision cleared. What I saw next in the physical was this two girls fighting each other, saying; “You cannot snatch may man” and the poor boy was busy separating them.
He did not know that the two of them are friends from the same coven and that they are just masquerading to destroy his destiny. The boy is dead now.
The most subtle and dangerous form of person is to masquerade as the angel of light.
The evil you doesn't recognize is the greatest threat.
The enemy knows the consequence of discovery will be Catastrophic
Illustration Story
A man was in a luxurious bus and armed robbers came, shot people in the bus. This man pretended he was dead till the robbers left. When the robbers left, he got up and found a British passport.
The man found a way to forge the passport to have his passport. He then planned to travel with the British passport; He now had a wrong identity. He knows discovery will be catastrophic. When he got to the airport, they ask him some questions; Do you live here ? He said yes; How long have you been living here ? Mention a street beside your street ? He said he does not know; Tell me two names of newspapers? He said I don’t read newspapers. Tell me two British supermarket ? I don’t use supermarkets. The man showed him a 50 pence and asked him what money is this? He said he doesn’t spend coins. He was arrested immediately.
You can see the way, a man may run away from been exposed, because they know the consequences will be catastrophic.
Consequences of not Unmasking the Enemy
When you cannot unmask the enemy; there are repercussions;
1.    Call friends enemies and see Enemies as friends.
  Many young people that are carrying about girlfriends can be regarded as carrying girlEnemies.
If many of you can ask your parent; how many of them marry the girlfriend they were carrying around.
You don't experiment with your destiny; Life is too short to experiment
This has converted this generation to be full of consumers rather than  contributors.
2.   Misfired aggression; They find themselves fighting the wrong people.
3.   Wasted energy.

4.   You may be feeding you're enemy to fight you hard.

5.   Waste of Spiritual bullet.

6.   Fight as one that beats the air
7.   Subject of mockery by the enemy

8.   Like the man that hides a serpent in the pocket.
9.   Hard battles; Pray the wrong prayers because can't do sharp shout.
10.                   Fight wrong battles.
11.                   Frustration.

12.                   Stagnation.

13.                   Consistent slavery.

14.                   Long time battles
We need to know that it is not all Humans that are human being. There are several lying sprits around. There are many false Christ around. Many have led a lot astray.
Many people are prophet but don't understand who they are; hence they go to people that they should be praying for; it is unfortunate.
Steps to Unmask the Enemy
1.   Unmask your self
    Ask yourself the right and sincere questions; who am I? Know who you are.   God told Adam; “Who told you are naked ?” 
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Prayer Points
1.   Power of spiritual cataract die in Jesus name
2.   Power of bewitchment  fashioned against my star die in Jesus name
3.   Wicked altar raised against My destiny, collapse in  the name of Jesus.
4.   Power assigned to redirect my star, die in the name of Jesus
5.   Occultic embargo targeted against my destiny die in the name of Jesus.
6.   Wicked Powers submitting my name in the coven die in the name of Jesus.
7.   Evil Birds, flying against my destiny, crash-land and die in the name of Jesus.
8.   Powers ! hired to curse me, die after the order of Balaam in the name of Jesus.
9.   Every projection of sickness into my life from the dream, die in the of Jesus.
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Declare these Confessions to yourself:
10.                   This Week ! My testimony of “Come and see” shall manifest in the name of Jesus.
11.                   This week! All things shall work together for my good in the name of Jesus.
12.                   This week! My mouth shall be larger that that of my enemies in the name of Jesus.
13.                   This week! The lord shall give me the neck of my enemies in the name of Jesus.
14.                   My Life and that of my family shall not be used as sacrifice, in the name of Jesus.
15.                   I and my family are for signs and wonders throughout the days of our lives in the name of Jesus.
Seven Fold Amen with Faith!!!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!
2015 is your Year of multiple restoration and unparalleled Favor in the name of Jesus


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